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  1. I just don't understand why a slide width of 1/10 of an inch more than the 30s can make much difference when the rest of the gun is still wide.

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  2. glock2740, I love that grip reduction. Where do I get it and how much. Then I want a good adjustable rear sight and a hybred, leather kydex iwb left hand holster and I'm good. I have the same grip ext pg30. I love them, much better than those funky smooth ones that come stock. O gotta have that grip reduction.

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  3. 1canvas, where are you getting that dimension of 1/10 an inch. That sounds low to me. I know the figures on are messed up so if somebody has the width dimension of a 30, 30sf and a 30s please give them to us so we can know for sure. I saw hickok45 put a std 30 and a 30s slide side by side and it sure looked like more than 100/thousanths.
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    Kichigai 気違い Was Mr30s

    i have a 30s :elephant:
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    I love my G30. Carried one for a number of years. Cant seem to bring myself to sell her... she has my initials in the serial number DRE####

    Soft shooting with large capacity... hard to beat a CCW that is compact enough for edc and have 9+ rounds of .45 ACP.
  7. I'll measure mine.
  8. I'm getting 1.122 on the G30sf slide width with my Mitutoyo dial caliper.
  9. After several months looking for a 30sf or gen 4 I found a used gen 2.5 yesterday. Price too good to pass. Now to shoot it and see if a grip reduction is in my future!
  10. Mr 30s Elephant, Why do you call it an elephant? It's alot smaller than my 30sf. I would like to trade top ends with someone that wants the full size top end. It has less than 50 rounds std ball fired through it. Or I would just buy 30s complete upper, slide barrel and all other parts. I would trade a S&W 439 in perfect shape just to get the slim slide top end.
  11. 1canvas, thanks for that measurement. Now we just need someone to give us a 30s measurement from a caliper not from the glock sight info. Thanks.
  12. Just bought a Gen4 G30, which will assume nightstand duty with a Streamlight TLR-3 mounted.

    Thinking about nightstand duty: I want the trigger covered, but difficult to find an in-stock holster that handles mounted light on a G30.......

    I thought of the MIC holster, which only covers the triggerguard, but looking at pics....won't fit with a mounted light.

    So...I ordered a Remora, which offers an option for mounted lights.....Hopefully this will work out.....although with the G30 and a TLR3....the light sticks out past the muzzle. Not sure if Remora knows how to actually account for this, but will soon find out.
    I don't need it to be an excellent fit for nightstand duty, just keep the trigger covered and allow for easy removal from holster.

    Pics and range report to follow (next weekend)
  13. Gen 4 G30 is my EDC. Great combat shooter.
  14. I use a "trigger plug" I got from Brownells - I keep my G21 loaded with one in the pipe and the wife knows it - she also knows to keep her trigger finger indexed on the receiver. The plug is called 'Saf-T-Blok' - got mine thru Brownells - it friction fits (adjustable) between the trigger and frame and pops out with finger pressure as you present the weapon...I like it for my nightstand, but wouldn't use it in a holster (redundancy)...I have it there as an insurance against an ND - but training & practice are paramount!!!
  15. I just keep mine in a partially open pistol case.
  16. I've had my Glock 30 for about five years now. It has night sights, 3.5 lb. trigger bar, extended mag release, and an extended slide lock. I love this gun. I have never had a malfunction with it and it shoots more accurately than I can anymore. Since I bought my Glock 27 the 30 is no longer my EDC gun; stays loaded in my night stand. :fred:
  17. Added a limbsaver sleeve..... And loving it. The mighty G30!


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  18. HOLY COW! You must have Andre the Giant hands, with a G30, backstrap installed, AND a limbsaver!!:wow:
  19. Lol....i don't think i have big hands. I did try the small backstrap and it just didn't feel right. The large beavertail feels better.... Added the limbsaver and it was a match made in heaven. The targets don't lie.

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