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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by geo80, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. geo80

    Yeah my G30's frame is at the gun shop right now getting a grip reduction . Also if u havent tryed off thr tru glow TFO night sites they are great . Also Iam not gonna do the number thing here . Everyone is an equal in team glock 30 . I would love to see pics of ur guys glock 30 . And ur guys insigt on upgrades u guys have done . Ive been thinkin about a laser for mine .

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  2. geo80

    Does anyone know if they are gonna make the g30 in the earth tone frame . Lol iam still looking for a od green one as well

  3. I want a G30SF bad.
  4. RPVG

    Hmmm. Going by a Glock Serial Number search engine, my G30 (S/N TMD313) may be a G30SF. Not sure how to find out for sure.

    Ah, well. No big deal. I love it either way.
  5. AFAIK "SF" is stamped on side of lower just behind rail area?

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  6. Yep is marked on the right side I the pistol. I love my 30sf. Traded a gen 3 model 21 straight across for it.
  7. RPVG

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Mine has an SF serial number but no "SF" markings. It appears to be a G30 (not SF) based on the size of the backstrap and the lack of markings. Guess the serial number database has an error.
  8. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps


    But then.... he couldn't be number 001 !!!


  9. Is it me or the slide release not work well. Sometimes it will and sometimes it wont.

    Have Glock 19 and works fine.......

    Try to not be in habit of using the bullet button but still want it to work!

    LOVE THE GLOCK 30!!!! so glad I bought! Wife was not thrilled but she will get over it!

    Only other mod so far was a pearce grip extension.
  10. Unless your exact serial number is in the database and incorrectly lists your gun as SF, it's not an error. From doing a little looking, it seems like there are several instances of different models having the same serial number prefix. The only common thing I've found is that the slides are the same/similar in the serial prefixes that I've looked at. For instance, my 17L's serial prefix is also shared with two 24's that I've seen. Since the 30 SF and 30 non-SF share the same slide, it could very well be following that same pattern.

    I've not done enough comparisons to definitively say that this is how they do their production runs, but it does make some sense.
  11. RPVG

    It is kinda small and tough to operate. A real common G30 upgrade is an extended slide stop lever -- it has much more "meat" on it.
  12. RPVG

    That appears to be the case. My 30 has what the database implies is a 30SF prefix. But it's definitely not an SF.
  13. Just picked up a 30SF and am liking it. Only have made one range trip. Shot some factory (100% functionality) and then tried some reloads. 4.5 of HP38 wouldn't cycle it and 4.8 wasn't reliable (230g plated from Precision Delta). Those rounds cycle my SA1911 just fine. Ran 5.0 of Bullseye with no issues. Going to try 5.0 HP 38 and 4.8 of Bullseye.

    What are you using?

  14. Had the exact same thoughts when first using mine. Seems smaller and harder to operate than my 26.
  15. Glock 30SF fan here. Only 100 rounds thru it but other than a slightly weak ejection (I might have limp wristed her) no problems so far. I like a good, thick blocky pistol.

    Considering ever increasing ammo prices, it will probably be the only .45 I'll ever own. And I will always be able to get standard 10 round magazines for it.
  16. SGT45

    Silver Member

    Love my G30 GEN4. I like the GEN4 grip.
  17. Sign me up for the G30 team. please - I'm waitin' on momma to put back the monies she spent on internet games - my G30 monies - so I can pick it up soon - wuz 'spozed'ta have it by now but them damn games took 'em away (temporarily).

    CB in FL
  18. Dam, she knees not beez on dose gamez all da timez spendin use hard earned monies. tellz momma u kneez yo
    G30! Word
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  19. So does the standard 10rd mag allow for a place for the pinky? Or do you have to buy the Pearce extenders? Looking at the .45 line up and the 30 might take the cake
  20. Yes, room for the pinky. Pearce grip just blends better with
    The grip.

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