Team Glock 30

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by geo80, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. geo80

    Hey guys iam starting a team Glock 30 thread . Its just a a place for glock30 fan to chat . Also get ur team glock 30 number .

    geo80. #1

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  3. G30SF is the best of all worlds.
    CCW, Range, Camping, Post apocalyptic :)

  4. G30SF works for me
  5. I'm loving my G30

    May I have a number, please?
  6. Glock 30SF here has something like 1800-2000 rounds thru it now with no problems, its my EDC weapon, love it, best Glock I own,
  7. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    A forum already exists Geo. it's the Big Dawg forum and it deals only with the G30, sez so in the tag line. Unfortunately most people don't use it (like the other model-specific forums) and they just come here to talk about their 30s. Love mine by the way!
  8. I have about 1000rds through my 30SF and it is now my Favorite Glock.
  9. Have a Gen4 23. But having erratic extraction issues. So seeing Ill no doubt be sending it to Glock. Its my EDC I'm torn between getting a Gen3 30SF now or wait for the Gen4. Im left handed but find the ambi mag release not to be the deal breaker I thought it would be. So hoping to decide soon as Ive always wanted a 30.

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  10. Ya Cant go wrong with the G30 IMO...
  11. Thats all I hear. Just need to decide to buy now or wait for Gen4. The 30 seems to get nothing but shining reviews all around

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  12. Lee-online

    Lee-online Mul-ti-pass

    My first Glock is still my EDC, A gen 2.5 G30.
    Its size doesnt bother me, I donk care if I print.
  13. Same here, a 1998ish 2.5!

  14. I took my 30SF to the range today to test out some reloads.
    150 rounds down range and no problems. Great pistol.
  15. Got my 30 about a year ago. A VERY slightly used OD gen3. Love it. Recently added a Crimson Trace Rail Master. It's working out well for me. Just can't beat the 45 IMO.
  16. I have a 30sf and 30 Gen 4 . They are fantastic 45's
  17. Thats what I'm waiting for.

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  18. RPVG

    G30 here. LaserLyte. Conceals under a T-shirt.
  19. Love my G30! It's my EDC and I equally love it's big brother the G21 Gen4!!!

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  20. Love my G30! I use it for my EDC while I keep its big brother the G21 Gen4 for home defense

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  21. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I love my G30. It's been to Cold Bore Custom for a grip reduction. Mine has a Laser Max in it. I much prefer the Crimson Trace lasers, but the gun came with it when I bought in like new condition about 5 years ago. Great CC gun. And a great shooter too. :thumbsup:

    With flush fit 9 round mag for great CC

    And with factory 10 round mag

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