Teaching kids to shoot - right handed wanting to shoot lefty?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Eric2340, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Next Wednesday I'll be on the line working with new club prospects. Invariably I get a shooter with eye dominance issues. One question, clean panties or should I grab a pair from the hamper?

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  2. Ive taught my share of kids on everything from single shot .22's to full autos. My son was the only one with the dominance issue though. I dealt with it like glock_19guy1983's coach, not with a patch, but with tape on the left lens of his glasses, and had good results doing so. To this day, he shoots right handed using his right eye, and shoots everything from target to sporting clays and running/flying game without issue.

    As I said earlier, I didnt want to handicap him with limited guns or dealing with trying to work and shoot guns left handed with guns made for right hand shooters, as 99.9% of the guns and accessories made are. He was very young when he learned, and learned very quickly to deal with with it.

    Sort of related here, I dont know how old most here are, but if youve been around awhile, and been exposed to a number of the different shooting disciplines, you may remember the Paris Theodore "Quell" system. It uses the non dominant eye (left eye for right handed shooters) and is very effective once you understand it and shoot with it awhile. When done properly, it gives an instant sight picture with no thought or confusion and offers almost rife like precision with a handgun.

  3. That hasnt been the case for my son. He seems to have no troubles with moving targets, or targets that present themselves quickly, requiring snap shots.

    Then again, he and his brother have been shooting constantly since they were 4, and not just here and there. By 10, they each probably had more rounds downrange than most adults do in a lifetime.
  4. I can't believe we're having this discussion on a gun forum.

    You shoot with your dominant eye behind the sight... anything else is just wrong.
  5. Is this a "its wrong because I cant do it" sorta thing, or something else?
  6. It's improper technique.
  7. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    It's like using your left foot for the brake while driving. You just can't convince some people that it is wrong.
  8. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    You do realize that you don't have stereo vision when you only use one eye? That means no depth perception. Also, you are training your sons to shoot in a way that will never be available to them if they are on a two-way range.
  9. If it works, how is it improper?

    There are obviously different schools of thought on just about everything. This is no different. It also obviously works, so it cant be "wrong".

    The advantages to me, like not being limited in my choice of weapons and in some respect, gear, is a big issue. Being able to shoot well doing what you say is improper, pretty much nullifies that issue.

    If it works for you, either way, whats it matter? Try as many different things as you can and do what works best for you. The fact that you dont agree with it, doesnt mean it doesnt work for someone else.
  10. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    Certainly it can be wrong. Take my left foot braking example. Lots of people do it and it's flat out wrong. Most motorcycle riders ride wrong. Just because they manage to survive isn't proof that their way is not wrong.

    And how are you limited by weapons choices? Millions of GI's have shot right-handed rifles and pistols for literally centuries without issue.
  11. Some people can do things with either eye, like me :)
  12. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    Once in a blue moon I come across someone who doesn't seem to have a dominant eye. I give the test repeatedly and try different versions of it and it's like flipping a coin, they go to either eye almost equally. Or, sometimes it seems to change on different days.
  13. I guess you missed the part where moving targets, and surprise/reactive type targets arent, and really never have been an issue.

    I understand what youre saying here, but in this case, it hasnt been the issue your eluding to.

    Im not sure what youre trying to say here.

    I only have one son with the issue, by the way, and I havent seen any problems in the way he shoots that would cause him trouble in a stressful, or reactionary type situation (assuming thats where you were going with this). Hes shot this way his whole life now (hes in his late 20's), and it isnt like he just learned how to deal with it. Its completely natural to him now.

    Hey, Im not saying your way is wrong, Im just saying what youre trying to say isnt necessarily right, or at least for all people. Ive seen what you say cant work, work perfectly, so I know it does in fact work, and I know there are others who teach this way as well, as its why I went with this method in the first place. If you dont agree with it, fine, dont do it. Do what you think is best. Just dont assume that others cant do what you say they shouldnt be able to, just because thats what you think.
  14. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    Polite disagreement is rare on this board, most boards actually. I'll award you the credit for this one:thumbsup:
  15. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Spershul Furces

    I'll make sure to let Michael Schumacher know :whistling:
  16. I knew a guy like that in the Marines. They taught him to shoot right handed then he later learned to shoot left. He could switch right to left with no problem on any firearm.

    BTW I am right handed, left eye dominant. I have been a hunter education instructor, BSA and NRA firearms instructor. One of the biggest headaches I deal with are kids who are all screwed up by being forced to shoot reverse dominant.

    Teach them to shoot with the dominant eye and in time they could learn to shoot both ways.

    That said many shooters shoot different platforms differently after they gain a good level of proficiency. I shoot rifles and shotguns both ways. Rifles slightly better left handed and shotguns slightly better right handed. Hand guns I shoot cross dominant. Right handed, left eyed. I still qualified expert in the Marines.
  17. As a lefty, I approve this message.

    Your job is to teach your kid, but listening to him is just as important. Being left handed is not always easy, you want to be there for him not on top of him.

    My father threatened to pull me out of school when a nun tied my left arm to force me to write with my right. Ignorant penguin got it good, and I am so very grateful to my dad.
  18. Most people I know who dont drive a stick brake this way. Then again, many dont know how to drive a stick anyway.

    Whos fault is that/ Nobody told them to buy a Harley. :rofl:

    They have shot them, but in many, if not most cases, at a disadvantage. They are fighting the gun while trying to use it. A prime example is a bolt action rifle. Even working the safety on many guns is an issue.
  19. My grandfather was that way. He is left handed but when he enlisted during WW2 they forced him to learn to shoot right handed. Up until he got a pace maker implanted on the left side he could shoot with equal skill from both sides.

  20. I remember doing an examination of a neurologist, a number of years ago, concerning the vocational rehabilitation of an individual who lost his dominate side upper extremity. The substance of his testimony was that, in regards to fine motor skills, the non-dominate hand could NOT BE TRAINED to function, to the same degree as the dominate hand. If memory serves me correctly, the reason was due to something about how the brain/nervous system functions, which results in making one side, dominate over the other.

    Perhaps you, or some other neurologist (I presume from your assertions, that you must be a neurologist or some equally qualified medical expert) could opine and clarify this subject.


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