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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by hoghunter82, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. hoghunter82

    hoghunter82 FL Glocker #182

    So I placed my first order with for a case of ammo earlier this month. It was in stock and they charged my card. I then got a email a few days later stating that they created a shipping label and UPS will update with a tracking number. Just today I get an email from TargetSportsUSA telling me they oversold the ammo and have cancelled my order. I sent them an email asking why they didn't let me know a week ago? I would have ordered something else from a different supplier and would have had it by now. This is my first time ordering with them and first impressions are not good. Now I gotta order from someone else and wait another week. Just ticked off and needed to vent. Sorry.

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  3. TSAX


    Thanks for the info, its always good to hear about places that do things like this. Granted maybe they could have been really busy. Did they even make an apology or try to make things right. Or did they just blow you off.


  4. hoghunter82

    hoghunter82 FL Glocker #182

    They did send me an email. The email said they "sensibly apologize". I don't even know what that means. This is the first time I've ever had someone charge my card, send me an email that I will be receiving a tracking number, and then a week later tell me they don't have the product. I guess it happens but it would have been nice to know a week ago.

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  5. 10-S


    Was it the Winchester 10mm? I got my case, no problem.
  6. Obviously they meant to say "sincerely" apologize...not a good start.
  7. RCR


    I have ordered several rounds of ammo through Target Sports without ever having an issue. Everything went like clockwork the ammo was on time well packed and everything was exactly as promised.
    I'm a satisfied customer!
  8. I placed an order through them a few
    Months ago for 1000 rds 9mm and 500 rds .40s&w. I received 2 different tracking numbers for this 1 order and never received any updated shipping info. About 3-4 weeks later I got my 9mm ammo in the mail. Then, Each time I called someone would tell me that the order had left the night before or that morning or that it was on the truck to leave that night. then I would call back a couple days later and they would say that UpS had it in route and didn't scan it.. Then they said that they were out of the ammo and that it was on back order. Then they would say that it had left the night before etc etc. So finally after about 3 more weeks 20 more phone calls an 10 more emails I got a refund for my .40 ammo. I wasn't angry about not getting my ammo, or about them being out of it, or even about them losing the order. I was mad bc I was lied to an clearly given the run around many times and no one would call me back and I think I got 1 email reply telling me that it was in route with UPS and thy I would receive it in 3 days.... 2 weeks later I got a refund. I won't ever use them again

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  9. Sounds like I won't be doing business with them. Thanks for the info.
  10. RCR


    Got my latest order of Priv 10MM 180 grain hollow point from Target Sports today by UPS. It was on time well packed and as promised.
    I can say is I have ordered from them a number of times and never had any issues with this company.
  11. drsjr1969

    drsjr1969 "10mm ammo" FB

    Priv ppu is the weakest 10mm out there unfortunately. I have tested it along with 59 other different 10mm rounds. I'm on YouTube and Facebook.

    For good target ammo check out Georgia arms for light/medium load or underwood ammo for full power

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  12. Follow up on my order from TagetSportsUSA. Ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm several weeks ago. Knew it would be awhile so no problem. 1/30 got a FedEx shipping label said it would be here 3 days later. No ammo comes FedEx tells me the label was printed but the ammo was never given to them. Call up and was told that the supplier hadn't sent them the ammo that was promised so it would take about a week.
    Today I get another FedEx shipping number. What the hell. Called them again and they said that was for some .45 I had ordered two weeks ago. I asked them about my 9mm and they told me it was waiting to be packaged. I said wait Friday you told me it wasn't in. You were waiting on a new shipment. She acted shocked and said wait a minute.
    She came back on the phone and said it was going to take 2-3 weeks more to get my 9mm.
    Here's the thing. They charged me for the 9mm when they generated the FedEx tracking number. I was told by them earlier that they did not actually charge until the ammo was shipped. Which is obviously false. Date I'm supposed to get it keeps changing. Story keeps changing. Called my bank to protest the charge.
    Looked at reviews of them on line and they are right about 50%-50% happy or stories similar to mine. Take my money, no solid ship date, FedEx tracking number but no goods. Sure need the ammo. It was a good deal. But it's no deal if they don't have the product. They've never been rude. Always polite. And I know times are crazy.
    But you shouldn't promise stock in you don't have. And you don't charge for what you don't have and haven't shipped. Don't mind the wait in todays circumstances. But when they tell me it's coming in 3 days, charge me for it, and don't send it, the story and delivery date changes as to the problem. It's time to get out.
  13. Just noticed this is an old thread. Their was a new one earlier. Thought this was it. But just makes me feel like I did the right thing. They were doing this type of thing before the "crash" evidently. Not good. Guess I'll be on short rations for awhile.
  14. Right now I don't think they are even taking orders
  15. The order was made weeks ago. They had it in stock then according to their website. And I know their are problems with ammo right now. But generating a shipping label with a promised delivery date after I've waited weeks. Then take my money and not ship the ammo. Then can't even give me a date of when and if they will get it in. And being told different stories as to why I'm not getting it by different individuals in the company.
    Then seeing people having the same problems with them generating shipping labels, taking money, and not shipping the ammo with multiple excuses seems to be a fairly common complaint against them. Even before all this crap hit. By the reviews I've read it's eiter they've been great or a problem split almost right down the middle. It has nothing to do with taking orders right now. This order is weeks old.
  16. I've only placed one order with them, for a case of S&B 9mm. They quoted a two week delay in shipping due to heavy order traffic, and it shipped out 2 weeks to the day. UPS delivered to my door four days later.
  17. I try to be fair. So I've got to say that I just got an order from them for .45 that I placed 1/15. I still am uncomfortable with my card being charged for the 9mm I ordered at the beginning of January, being told it was being shipped, Fed Ex label showing I would get it in 3 days, and then nothing. And that different people in the company are giving me different stories on why I haven't gotten it yet, when I might get it, and so on.
    If they don't have it, don't know when they will get it, or even if they are getting it they should just tell me straight up. And I should not be charged until the 9mm is actually sent. Although like I said to be fair I got my .45 I ordered on 1/15. But on the .45 I was not charged until it was shipped. Got a FedEx label, got charged, got it on time as FedEx promised.
  18. Sheepdog689

    Sheepdog689 NRA Life Member

    I bought some 45 GAP from them, but I walked into their store and bought in person. (about 2 or 3 weeks ago)

    They had 3 women on computers answering phones nonstop taking orders. When I followed the guy to the door to the warehouse I got a glimpse behind the scenes....we're talking pallet after pallet after pallet loads of ammunition....probably enough to fill 3 or 4 tractor trailers. I think they are just overwhelmed at this point trying to keep up with the orders they have coming in. They are not a big operation, they've got a small storefront that's really an office and the backside is the warehouse.
  19. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    It sound as if business is booming for them.

  20. I just had the same thing happen. Order placed, CC charged, 3 weeks later a FedEx shipping notification, then finally a brief email saying my order was cancelled/CC credited.

    Oh well...:brickwall:
  21. I would completely understand this under the current circumstances, but I placed my orders with them almost a year ago, before these recent tragedies that have everybody rushing to get guns and ammo

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