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Target Sport Scopes

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by DanaT, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. DanaT

    DanaT Pharaoh

    I just got the CDNN catalog a few weeks ago. I was at the gun store today.

    The gun store had a bunch of Taret Sport Scopes (like CDNN) has advertised.

    One that was entertaining was

    Anyone have any experience with these semi-cheap scopes?

    I know, I know. Good glass. But realistically, I want this on a FN-FAL with military barrel. Its not a sniper rifle. Its a military rifle with a scope mount. There is a limit to the accuracy no matter if I put a top of the line Zeiss on it.

    Not every rifle needs a varmint scope.

    That said, anyone have experience with these scopes?

  2. djpuffnstuff


    Jan 18, 2009
    I do not have any personal experience with any scopes really. However I am of the opinion that the general shooting population does not need a $600+ piece of glass on their gun.

    Is the $600+ scope/sight better? Probably. Is it 6+ times better? Doubtfully.

    My money says that if you were given two properly sighted rifles, one with the CDNN sight and another with an Aimpoint, that most here would not be able to shoot noticebally tighter groups with one or the other unless they used a rest.

  3. madecov

    madecov book em' Danno

    better scope will have clearer better focus on the glass. Cheaper scopes due cause eye strain. Lower quality lenses will exhibit chromatic aberration and distortion.

    That being said I don't own any really high dollar scopes. I have looked through several and the differences are apparent. especially in dimming daylight