Target Load 9mm

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Shadetreeman, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Ok, looking for some info and load data on a cheap target load. FMJ or plated doesn’t matter what weight or powder.

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  3. I use WST
    My load is 4.6gr for 124 FMJ

    Thanks Fred :)

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  4. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Target Load 9mm

    Sometimes the target is a Cape Buffalo... you're gonna need a bigger gun. :whistling:

  5. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    3.5 Bullseye and a 125 lead bullet.
  6. 4.5grns. WST w/Berry's 124grn.HP

    3.5grns. WST w/147grn.RN (no specific brand or type).
  7. 4.2 grains Universal with 115 berrys FMJ
  8. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    125gr LTC over 3.9gr BE. Keeps the skeeters at bay, makes PF for IDPA, is economical, and if using bright, shiney brass will attract women of loose morals.
  9. I like a 147gr Berry's over 3.5gr Titegroup. It would be more cost effective to use 124gr bullets though.
  10. XDRoX

    124gr Berry's over 4.8gr of WST.
  11. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Have you chronoed that load Chris?

    I'm running 4.0 with a 135 Moly, no chron data yet though haven't had time.
  12. cole

    Millennium Member

    Fast powder, short OAL and light plated bullet . That's your cheapest bet. Lead bullet even cheaper. Careful with any of that in 9mm. Not for me. Good luck.
  13. So I looked at Berry&#8217;s 115gr, you can get 1000 for $84.58 but you can get Precision Delta 115gr FMJ for $74 per 1000. Which would be better and what powder.
  14. I use 4.0 Bullseye and a 124 grain Lead round nose and have had good results.( in a Sig P225) I had a few FTFs with 3.5 and it felt kinda puny.
  15. CCI 500 primer + Win 231 powder, 4.6grains + Berry Plated 115grain RN = prettty decent and cheap target ammo.
  16. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa


    I told you so, Jack!!!
  17. XDRoX

    Yep, 1082fps out of my G19. I've loaded a thousand or so at this charge. I use to load 4.5gr, then I switched to 4.6gr, and now 4.8gr which I'll stick to. My G26 didn't like the lighter loads. It functioned, just didn't throw the brass very far.

    Here's some data I took:
  18. Looks like Berrys is content pricing themselves out of the market. Precision Delta and Montanna Gold are now cheaper than Berrys!
  19. I'll assume you're shooting a Glock, so steer clear of the Black moly-coated bullets or plain lead. It's too much of a pain to get that crud out of your rifling, and after a hundred rounds, you'll lose accuracy. Then, you won't be able to tell if it's you or the round, and you won't have fun at the range... you'll think you're just a bad shot.

    I like the Jacketed Hollow Points and the Complete Metal Jackets because they don't have that vaporized lead smoke getting in the way of my sights (or being breathed by me or my daughter of child-bearing age, who often shoots with me.) And, overall, they're more accurate and consistent. Not sure why, but they are. Perhaps the lead can deform at the base inconsistently, while the jacket material deforms consistently.

    My favorites, in order:

    1) Hornady XTP 147 over 3.4 TiteGroup @ 1.10 OAL - Most accurate bullet I've ever shot out of a 26, 19, or 34. And it feels soft, so that you're back on target for the second or third shot immediately. If I could afford it, I'd only shoot this for competition or the range.

    2) Montana Gold Complete Metal Jacket (CMJ) 147 gr over 3.4 TG @ 1.13 OAL - I can afford this, and it's really just as accurate, soft feeling, and quick to return to sight alignment as the Hornady. I just found the Hornady load first.

    3) MG CMJ 124 over 3.9 TG @ 1.13 OAL - Only a trifle less soft shooting than the 147 and basically as accurate. They're a tad cheaper than the 147s, and if you're stocking up when you order and get a case from Montana Gold, you'll get more 124s for the same price as fewer 147s. $303.00 for 3,750 bullets by the case. That's 8 cents a piece... lots cheaper than I can buy smoky 124 FMJs locally (12 cents) The 147s are $313.00 for a case of 3,000... about 10 cents a piece.)

    4) MG CMJ 124 over 3.4 grains of Bullseye @ 1.13 OAL - Nice load to shoot and plenty accurate. If you want some flashy fun shooting at night, the Bullseye has a nice big flash.
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  20. I get Montana Gold 115gr 9mm FMJ for ~$75/1000. 4.0 gr of TiteGroup and a COAL of 1.135" gives me a pretty consisent target round with very little muzzle flip out of my G34 and a consistent muzzle velocity just high enough to meet Production power-factor requirements with a little to spare.
  21. Rainier plated 124gr seated to 1.140" over 4.4-5gr of HP38/Win231 in mixed brass using CCI 500 primers. Accurate out of my G19 & G26. Chronos at 1055 out of the G19 in 60 degree weather. Meets the power floor for IDPA and knocks over steel at the local range. Pretty cost efficient for me.

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