Target ideas?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by cheapshot, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Plastic water or pop bottles filled with water.

    Water balloons filled with water.

    Aluminum pie pans you get when you buy pies hung from a string.

    Empty spray paint cans.


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  2. getorix

    getorix Gamehendge

    Probably not the best for young kids, but .22 active Tannerite is a blast to shoot (no pun intended).

    Cheap Crhistmas ornaments are good too.

  3. I posted balloons earlier but recently heard of something that adds incentive to the mix.

    For kids. Stencil numbers on paper targets and assign a value for each number/target. Place them randomly and award high scores with prizes.

    Not only does it promote accurate shooting, it also instills the sense of competition and may lead to future shooting competition. Which is a whole lotta fun!
  4. If they get cocky . Cheap wally world Aspirins. Rout a shallow groove in a piece of wood to line them up . If they hit wood deduct points. You might be surprised how good those young eyes can get a rimfire to shoot !
  5. aptrpl6

    aptrpl6 Detached Member

    Cheap, unopened canned sodas. They'll love it!

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