Target ideas?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by cheapshot, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. The mini clay pigeons are challenging as well.

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  2. Got the idea from hickok45, a twist on shooting tin cans. Put a few rebar posts in the ground and place tin cans on the top. They really dance around when hit with 22s. I like to put varying sizes up, from the huge cans to tiny ones (like rotel cans). Downside is they will eventually dance off the post so bring several posts/cans so you don't have to go down there and reset them all the time.

    Also, if there are hedge-apples around, they make pretty good 22 targets. They're very reactive. Little bits go fllying pretty far, as they basically split in half when you hit them, creating smaller and smaller targets. The downside is they're very sticky.

    +1 on spent shotgun shells. I don't own a shotgun but last time we were at the range with our friend who does own one, it eventually dawned on us to try this - (I had heard about it before, just never had the opportunity. It was pretty fun, sometimes they fly up pretty far, like 20+ feet.

  3. Colored ice cubes are fun to shoot at. Cut a gallon plastic milk jug in half, fill bottom with colored water and freeze it. Easy to remove ice and lasts a while with .22s.
  4. I do this thing quite often. I have shot almost everything imaginable.

    With .22's, clay targets (orange) are a lot of fun.

    Shotgun shells are a blast, and given greater distances can be a real chore to hit. On top of that, they take many hits and still stand up for the next round.

    I stole the tin-can idea from Hickhok, and that too is a great "hands off" system of targets. For me, it was difficult to remember to score the cans prior to shooting.

    My most acquired targets still seem to be discarded beer cans. They take a lot of hits, move quite easily and are easy to see at any age. Clean up is not fun, lots of jagged edges, but they always seem to be where I shoot.

    Be careful and enjoy
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    Ritz crackers, sweet tarts etc.

    Clay pigeons of course.

    Balloons are fun cause they move around.

    My best friend in high school lived in the country and they had a pond and below the pond was a private dump. Illegal as all get out now, but wow, what a place to shoot. He had a Marlin, I forget the model but it looked kind of like an M1 carbine, I had a 10-22. We would set up different targets for each other and make them harder and harder until one of us missed. Once he set up an old school globe and I had to hit the wire inside. I set up a 12 gauge shell and he had to hit the primer. Yeah, dumb but fun. I won't even get into the baby food jars of white gas.
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  7. I was shooting a small Plastic Pipe all over the range. I didn't succeed in shooting it as it went up in the air for a consecutive shot but it WAS the idea.

    Matchboxes, small water bottles, empty ammo boxes (cardboard), fruit like an Apple, small stuffed animals, action figures, and even a candle of various sizes are fun. Melons are fun with big calibers and shotguns.
  8. golf balls
  9. Glockdude1

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    I was at a range several years ago that had a 10 ft, 4" diameter metal pipe, with a metal plate/hinge on the end, and a red flag attached to the plate.

    It was set up on 2 saw horses. The distance was 15 yards. It was a very addictive target to shoot.

    You had to send the bullet right down the pipe to get the flag to "jump".

    Only God knows how many rounds went thru that pipe.

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  10. Charles Wagoner

    Baseballs are awesome. Golf balls can be a bit more challenging, but are fun and fulfilling when you hit one. Steel is always fun and gives a nice satisfying sound when hit.

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  11. When my kids were younger, I fished all of the old McDonalds Happy Meal toys out the bottom of the toy chest.

    Teaches the kids "recycling".
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    Hanging bowling pins. They will take an insane amount of punishment from a .22
  13. Necco Candy Waffers make great exploding edible targets also
  14. I bought a piece of steel from lowes, I think it's like 8x4 inches. Think it was like 8 bucks. I drilled a hole in the middle top edge. I hang mine from an old cleaning rod I bent up. But the more fun thing to do is to hang them from a rope off the bottom of a saw horse or something. That way when you hit them they spin.
  15. A box of free kittens from the mall...did I say that outloud??
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    Before we get to the neighbors cat stage, thought I'd mention golf balls. Go to a golf course and hide in the woods about half way down the fairway. Every time somebody yells "fore"......... well you get the idea.
  17. Target holder, take a thin stake like a surveyors stake and drive it into the ground a little. The take some tape, I use black tape, and tape one side of the bottom of a clothes line pin to it so that the jaws are upright. I smoke my cigar toward the end then I put it in the clothes pin and shoot off the ashes.
  18. I like pop-star posters from Wally World.
    Blowing holes in Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus does the soul good! I've been known to blow away Curtis "50-cent" Jackson on occassion!
  19. I save the 12 ga for those targets.

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