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Tapco AK Magazines?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Kalmah, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Kalmah

    Kalmah Supreme Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    Tapco 7.62x39 AK magazines don't seem to be too hard to find at the moment, and they're fairly cheap too. They can be had for $10.

    Are they any good, are they worth picking up? Or are they junk and should be avoided?

    I'm not hurting for mags, but I can always use a few more before Colorado's magazine restriction kicks in.
  2. the monk

    the monk

    Jul 26, 2011
    Northern VA
    Great for the range. If I was in CO I would buy as many of any kind of mag that I could.

  3. Work 100% for the range and lets face it unless your prepping for something or going into heavy combat..thats all you really need..That said they fit at least in my AK74 a bit looser than the surplus circle 10 or 21 mags that came with the gun.....but now that Ak mags for the 74 are through the roof I refuse to pay that much for them(last i checked $40+ a mag) so the 3 surplus mags that came with the gun and Tapcos are what I run...I picked up 3 more AK74 Tapcos(#13.99 shipped) and a tin of 1080 rounds back at the first of the year)
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2013
  4. deathpriest


    Dec 12, 2004
    I have a few 30 and 20 rounders. Never an issue with them. They don't have 1000s of rounds but, maybe a few 100s, again, never an issue.
  5. got_metal


    Dec 19, 2009
    The Wasteland
    According to the "unscientific plastic mag" test, the Tapco performed just about equal to the PMAG.

    If you don't want to go through the whole thread here's a summary: both of them developed cracks in the spine and would not hold rounds on their own, but still functioned when inserted into the rifle.
  6. TactiCool


    Feb 1, 2012
    Southeast LA.
    I torture tested a tapco 30 rounder once upon a time. I made the locking lug fail only after gripping the rifle by the stock and striking the bottom of the magazine repeatedly on concrete. Even doing pushups with the rifle and dropping the rifle(w/ mag inserted) from a height of 8 feet repeatedly did not result in failure.

    The really hard part of my test was getting the feed lips and mag body to crack. I was suprised at the level of abuse it could take, to say the least.

    This being said, my go-to mags are still the egyptian ones that I picked up from AIM a few months ago. I think they were only $15 each at the time. Now, a "bargain" for metal ak mags is around $20-25. Hopefully more will be imported and prices will once again drop.
  7. FireForged

    FireForged Millenium #3936 Millennium Member

    Dec 25, 1999
    Rebel South
    surplus steel mags ONLY. Forget the aftermarket!!

    With the availability of (new condition) steel surplus mags, there simply isn't any really good reason to buy from the aftermarket.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  8. Waffentomas

    Waffentomas Semper Fidelis Millennium Member

    May 5, 1999
    Blue State
    My experiences with the TAPCOs have been good. Since I own a Norinco NHM-91, I have a thicker 1.5-1.6mm receiver, and the TAPCOs were a real bear to seat. A minute or two with the dremel solved that and they seat just fine. Yes, I also prefer metal. I have some nice Hungarians that lock the bolt back when the mag is empty, that I like a lot. I also like the East German ones I have. Still, the Chinese ones without the ridge on the spine are my favorites.
  9. ottomatic


    Oct 15, 2002
    SW Tennessee
    The main thing that I like about their mags is that TAPCO is the only source for 5.45 20 round mags. I have a thing about 20 round mags for a variety of reasons and have several original ones in 7.62, but have never found any originals in 5.45.
  10. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    I was personally thinking about some 20rd Intrafuse. Had a couple of 30's for an old WASR, they worked great.

    But I'd like some 20's in 7.62. And 20rd Steel in 7.62 is out or stupid expensive.
  11. reconrover


    Jan 16, 2013
    Howdy, I have been a contractor over in Afghanistan for over 8 years. The majority of the assignments we have used tricked out AK's, which is common over here. We've been thru all the magazines available from steel, to plastic, ,made in the USA, etc, etc. We have experience a lot of problems with the TAPCO magazines. Specifically the center of the magazine seeming to be a little tighter in diameter than the rest of the mag body. This causes the spring/follower to jam up. Also, it seems that the TAPCO springs are kind of spindly/weak. Standard box steel magazines work the best, save that, we have had great luck with Pro-Mag magazines, especially in 5.45 x 39, and the Bulgarian "waffle mags" have also worked exceptionally well.

    There is a reason the TAPCO's have dropped in price, and are available when most everything else is scarce. They look cool with the colors, but honest, even if you have to spend triple, get something good.
  12. 9mm +p+

    9mm +p+

    Mar 1, 2005
    Old Dominion
    Excellent post, been there, done that with the crapco garbage. Couldn't agree more, tons of steel combloc mags for sale on several AK specific forums. Skip the garbage, buy combloc mags. If you really want synthetics look for some Bulgy circle 10 waffles or Russkie bakelites.