Talon Grips Rubber Texture Now Available!

Discussion in 'Talon Grips' started by D445547, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. After a lot searching I finally found a suitable rubber texture to offer the concealed carry community.

    The material is as thin as possible keeping the grip size to factory spec while offering a tacky anti-slip surface. The grip is also a great solution for those of you looking to tame the bite of your Gen 4 models without permanently altering the pistol.

    Shipping is free as always on grip orders. Please click the TalonGunGrips.com link in my signature box and have a look.

    D :cool:

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  3. When I bought a set of Talon Grips a couple of years ago and discovered they were just too aggressive for CC wear, I said if you ever came out with rubber ones, I'd buy a set. Done.

  4. Thank you, I think you are going to like this new texture. :wavey:
  5. K1tt3n5

    K1tt3n5 Hell hath glock

    Just ordered up a set for my edc 27 and a 22. I love the sandpaper ones, hopefully these are just as grippy!!
  6. I've been wearing them for about a month now. They are the compromise between nothing and the sand grip that I was banking on. Love 'em. Anyone looking for grips that will work for CCW, these are them!
  7. K1tt3n5

    K1tt3n5 Hell hath glock

    I ended up taking the rubber grips off of my gen 4 27, the factory grip was much better for me. I still love my sandpaper on the 23 though.
  8. I have Talon grips on every Glock I own. Looks like I need to buy another Glock so I can try out the new rubber grips ;)
  9. NYcarry

    NYcarry Banana!Banana!

    Just grabbed four, thanks looking forward to trying em out.
  10. Thank you for the order! :cool:
  11. These grips went on easily and look good.The shape was perfect and the cut was clean with no rough edges or debris. I think they made a positive difference in handling the small PF9. Great product, highly recommended.
  12. saw them earlier today
    good pricing
  13. I'm not fond of the Gen4 grip feel so I just ordered the new rubberized grip. Being new with guns I had no idea while practising at the range how my little G27 would eat the skin on my palm! I tried a Houge grip but it made the over all grip for my trigger finger to the trigger to far away....so hoping these Talon grips are my answer to make my G27 feel more comfortable in my hand.
  14. Mangomike

    Mangomike Lots of Glocks

    I put one of these on my G27 gen3 and they fit like a glove and are just the answer for the concealed carry group. Just the right feel not too aggressive and they also look great. Thanks Talon for a great product.

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