Talk me into a Glock 20

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ArrizX, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. I like my G20. Shoots better then my .40s. Feels like it has less muzzle flip also. Also very accurate and a straight shooter.

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  2. My next Glock will be a G20 :cool:

  3. rolltide_pisco

    rolltide_pisco NRA Life Member

    With the exception of Gander Mtn here, all glocks including Gen4's are under $600. At least the local Gander will price-match the LGS.
  4. In Glock terms the G20 is a low volume pistol and so they probably do batch runs every so often. This is likely to be one of those times when the last batch has mainly sold out so they gun shops can put up their prices. In another month or three Glock should do another run and the prices will fall again. It might be worth waiting a while and getting a better deal.

  5. As been mentioned that price is too high! If this doesn't sell you on the G20, just get a 9!

    [ame=""]10mm vs Car Windshield using Glock 20 - YouTube[/ame]
  6. G20 all the way!
  7. I Know,:tongueout: No disrespect intended, But the G20 is my one and only 1st Glock, and that is why I got it..was for those reasons, It is my field Hogleg and my HD cary gun..
  8. Looks like the OP posted up the thread and then left. LMAO
  9. To buy arguably one of the most powerful pistols as a novelty means you don't need it. A firearm is a tool, not a toy. You buy a tool because it fills a need. I use my G20 as my daily carry and when I go deer hunting.

    My two cents and best of luck.
  10. Novelty cartridge? It's not as popular as 9,40,45, but I wouldn't consider it "novelty" by any means. As previously stated, places that are sold out of 9,40,45 still have 10mm on the shelf.
  11. ArrizX

    Why do you think that?
  12. ArrizX

  13. Just haven't seen you post. So which one did you buy?
  14. That's very cool. You may want to consider some real investments if your collecting. Most of us have collectibles and then we have our regular shooters. Enjoy!
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  15. As already stated, it's your money, and only you can ultimately decide what you want to spend it on. If it were my money, it'd be for the G20 all the way. Masterpiece Arms and Glock aren't even in the same class.
  16. Like others have said, you can have the G20 for much less. I've been pleased with the performance and reliability. Don't be intimidated about the recoil, it's quite manageable. Shooting at a range will get wide eyed looks from people trying to figure out who's firing the cannon.


  17. ArrizX

    Havent yet. Building my money pile for a gun or multiple gun purchase.Having a hard time deciding. G20 is still right at the top of the list. Especially after I trade my only glock right now, a glock 27 tomorrow.

    What guns do you suggest? Im building a collection ill never part with, I dont plan on investing. I plan on enjoying! The AR would be a good investment if I wanted to sell it now though.

    Realistically the same class no but fun factor? Maybe depending who is behind it.

    I am making a 3 hour trip tomorrow to make a big trade with a guy ill be right next to one of the bigger gun shops in the state if I can find a reasonably priced 20 ill be coming home with it.

    My girlfriends dad has a 1911 Delta Elite that shoots the 10mm and I thought it was heavenly. Not sure why I want the glock in this configuration. I guess I want a 1911 in a .45 which I also dont have yet. So, everyone is saying it can be had for cheaper. I cant find where yet though. Local gun shop in town has it for $675
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  18. The larger caliber glocks (10mm, .45ACP) have always been $50-$75 more than the smaller caliber ones around here. And that was when there wasn't all the panic purchasing. And if it's a Gen4, you can factor in another $50 on top of that. The model 20 and 29 aren't on the shelves very often around here either. I had been wanting a 10mm glock for a long time and was never in the right shop at the right time. Ended up purchasing a BNIB model 20 from a private party. Is the price at $675 a little inflated.....yes, but not enough to keep me away from it had I still been looking for one.
  19. Trolin

    I too had been wanting a Glock for many years, and landed on the G20. I picked mine up recently here in Alaska and it ran 725. Seems the price you have quoted isn't that bad. I figured by the time I paid shipping and a FFL transfer fee I was going to be in the 700 range anyway. After one range trip this is now my favorite handgun in my small collection(more into hunting rifles than handguns). I have a Taurus pt92, and a springfield v10 .45acp.
  20. :steamed: Glock 20 is only for the Elite, you gotta ask yourself one question GLOCKER, "DO I FEEL ELITE?!" WELL DO YA?:supergrin:

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