Taking Glock 19 to Front Sight Training...?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Reconinforce, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Type 1 is a click instead of a bang when pulling the trigger.
    Tap, Rack, Flip then decide whether to shoot.

    Type 2 is a dead trigger.
    Look and move, you should see brass high in the ejection port. Tap, Rack, Flip then decide whether to shoot.

    Type 3 is a dead trigger.
    Look and move, you should see brass low in the ejection port. Check to see if you have another magazine. Lock the slide to the rear. Strip the magazine (retain it if you did not have another magazine when you checked), Rack, Rack, Rack, Index a magazine and insert. Rack to load, decide whether to shoot.

    These are the front sight malfunction clearance procedures.

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  2. MAC702

    MAC702 Senior Member

    Tell these guys I sent you:


    They set up at the highway outside of Front Site every morning with a truck full of ammo ordered by the students. FAA regulations only allow 11 pounds in your suitcase, and you can't bring reloads anyway, so it's just simpler to call these guys and have your ammo waiting for you.

    I've done two classes at Front Sight: 4-day Defensive Handgun and 4-day Practical Rifle, the first was a gift, the second was a prize from an IDPA championship. Their methods are definitely tailored toward doing large groups at a time, but for those with little experience, you will come out a better shooter, and far more familiar with your firearm.

    I used my everyday Kimber 1911, but Glocks are very well represented. If I was to take it with a Glock, it would be my Model 19.

  3. kashdaddy

    kashdaddy Glockaholic

    any quality firearm should work fine. you are going there to learn so whatever you take then you should gain skills.
  4. Just 30????
  5. My wife and I took the front sight 4 day handgun course a couple of years ago. I used my 26 and she used her 19. Both worked well. The instructor used a 17.

    I bought Win. white box at a Wal Mart in Las Vegas. Had a few ff, but it gave us more opportunities to clear malfunctions under some stress.

    A I'd like to say that it was a good experience for us.

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  6. ----Ok well that is good info. I was practicing type 3 without the locking the slide to the rear. Was just doing.. strip mag, rack, rack, rack, index mag/insert. Rack to load...

    Wished I was not required to lock slide back as I was doing pretty good with the other style and the glock/lock will take some getting adjusted to under pressure..

    ----My other question/issue was do we drop mags on the ground during tactical reloads (at front sight school...) or are we required to retain them during the interchange. This will be my first trip there in case I did not explain earlier.
    Trying to get some "perfect practice" in and do not want to have to change muscle memory a ton during the class..

    I just hope to soak up as much as possible during the classroom/range time. Thanks guys! You have been very helpfull. And yes, I do need to pick up one of those reloaders.
  7. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    With Emergency reloads you'll drop your mags on the deck. During Admin or Tac reloads you'll retain them in an offside pocket nowhere near your fully loaded mags.
  8. SCC

    SCC Member Me

    Front Sight’s motto is “Any Gun Will Do—If You Will Do.”
  9. I was there last weekend and shot my brand new G26. Man, I was worn out after 3.5 days and left without taking the skills test. I knew I would never pass the malfunction test without practice. I'm going back in the spring better prepared. Also think I will take a larger framed gun like the G19.

    I think the class was excellent and would recommend to anyone. The internet rumors almost scared me away, but I had a great experience.

    Have fun.:supergrin:
  10. I cant wait. Hear the shoot house is pretty cool.. Thanks for all the good info. Got my electronic ears in the mail now. Can't believe that I have been doing without the new tech all this time.
  11. The shoot house was eye opening for me. Educational and eye opening - and not in a good way. After it, I'm not planning on doing any house clearing!

    Everything there was professional, efficient, and well worth the time and money.

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  12. I am guessing the shoot house was dark. would you recommend a weapon light?
  13. Not when I was there, but I think I remember that they do it at night for some classes. Not sure about that.

    Please vote! It's that important!
  14. The shoot house has no roof. It's not dark. No need for weapon lights for a daytime class. They do have night classes.
  15. I haven't done any courses yet, but when I do, my G19 RTF2 is what I'm taking. I think the G19 is perfect for a handgun course. I hope you have a great time, and soak up a lot of information.
  16. I read on the internets that it is caused by limp wristed people. What gives?
  17. Anybody know if the skills test at the end requires the use of concealed draw with a cover garment? I know they have you practice some with a cover but not sure if that's part of the final test.

    Thanks again for all the help.
  18. AJE

    AJE *goes to 11*

    I would cancel if I wasn't allowed using my LULA.

  19. Yes, it's required if you want to be scored.

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