Taking Glock 19 to Front Sight Training...?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Reconinforce, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Anybody who has attended the 4 day defensive handgun training Front Sight school in NV please chime in.

    Assuming fundamentals are in place and I am well practiced with my weapon will a G19 be at a big disadvantage compared to the other firearms brought to the class?

    I am hoping to attain a distinguished graduate level but am wondering if I should try and work out bringing a larger frame glock instead.. (of course I would be equally practiced with a different model if I changed over..)

    Let me know what you think. I know they shoot out to 15 yards at times but not sure how the detailed the accuracy gets in the scoring.


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  3. The G 19 is a fighting handgun,I can't come up with a single reason why it wouldn't be appropriate. SJ 40

  4. One point: for Heaven's sake don't take some garbage watered down ammo like Fed. Champion or Win. WB. Buy some Speer Lawman, Fiocchi or Fed. AE for example. That way you'll have a great experience and we won't have to read another "BTF" thread!! :supergrin:

    Good luck!!
  5. Don't worry about bringing enough gun, bring what you shoot the best and that will answer any questions. For most training sessions I prefer a 1911 but I've been shooting the G19's so much lately that I'm starting to favor capacity and the weight difference. If you are really in doubt bring multiple guns. My first Gunsite class I brought 4 guns LOL. It was kinda a hard thing to explain to the TSA but it all worked out. Have fun with your training.
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  6. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    I've attended a lot of Front Sight courses. You'll be just fine with your G19. My first course with them was using a SIG 228 with cheap Chinese ball ammo. No probs whatsoever. Naish Piazza, the director used to carry a G22, not sure what he's running these days.

    Despite the above advice, Winchester White Box is very common out there and will run in your 19 just fine. No experience with BTF so I can't speak on that. Most importantly, bring drinks, sunscreen and snacks. I'd bring a band aid or two for your magazine reloading thumb too. It'll get a workout by the end of 4 days.
  7. My wife has done Front Sight classes with a G19. No problems. You will see a lot of them there.
  8. Awesome. Thanks all. Now to practice my malfunction drills. With a glock I do not get much practice normally... :)
  9. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    Federal, 'Champion' will work just fine. I've got a standard weight recoil spring in my G-19; and I go through, about, a thousand rounds of, 'Wal-Mart's finest 9mm ammo' every month.

    Make sure you bring an open-topped; non-locking; and, preferably, Kydex holster; a strong gun belt; as many as eight magazines; and up to 4 magazine holders.

    ADDED: Oh, yeah! A little thing like an Uplula will make life much easier for you. :supergrin:

    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Butler-Creek-9mm--45-Universal-Unloader/dp/B001HBHNHE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349957253&sr=8-1&keywords=uplula"]Amazon.com: Butler Creek 9mm-.45 Caliber LULA Universal Pistol Loader and Unloader: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41YojCp57wL.@@AMEPARAM@@41YojCp57wL[/ame]
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  10. I bought some WWB a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see that they used WCC 12 NATO stamped brass with crimped in primers. After I shot a few rounds, I saw why. That stuff was HOT, to the point of flattening some primers. I don't know if they are loading it different due to complaints or if that was just a fluke.
  11. Irelander

    Irelander Glocker

    I graduated the FS 4 Day Defensive Handgun course with a G26 and 10-round mags. So you should have no issues with a G19. Whenever you go up to the line to shoot, take all of your loaded mags and also dump a couple of handfuls of ammo in your pockets. Whenever you are not shooting, load your mags. Cargo pants or shorts are a good idea. Good luck. If you can practice your Level I, II, and III malfuction clearing drills before you go then you will be ahead of the game.
  12. I understand your thought process behind considering a longer sight radius. I saw people using g34 and some using sub compacts. Don't get hung up on the DG. It's all about getting your hits on target, the time constraints should not be an issue especially if its your second time thought the course. You have been dry practicing right? Good luck!

    When are you going?

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  13. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    Don't worry! 15 yards is close for a G-19; and especially if you're practiced with it. On crowded public firing lines I'll often get shut out of the 10 yard targets. So, I just move over to the 25 yard targets and shoot there. Your groups will open up a little; but, in my experience, not enough for a reasonably skilled G-19 shooter to fail to score consistent hits on any humanoid (IDPA) target.
  14. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    I'm taking Masaad's 2-day class in SC next month, armed with a Gen4 G19 and 30 loaded magazines.:wavey:
  15. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    Shoot that G19 and rock it out.
  16. professorpinki

    professorpinki Bumbling idjit

    Ammo has nothing to do with BTF. Poor design changes and lack of consistency in manufacturing processes does.

    That said, you'll be fine. Good luck and have fun.
  17. IIRC, Frontsight is about defensive handgun skills, right? In that case, I would take the gun that I carry everyday so as to improve my skill with the weapon that I'd have with me in a SHTF situation.

    P.S. - what is a "BTF"?
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  18. BTF=Brass to the face, BTH= Brass to the head. SJ 40
  19. Going in December. Working on malf drills as I have not done much of that previously. Any big difference between clearing type 1, type 2 malfunctions (front sight style)?
  20. Yes it is but I hope to get a "distinguished graduate" to be eligible for upper level stuff in the future..

    Think I need to score on 90 percent range for that though. I'll do my best and have a blast no matter how I end up.
  21. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: on the Uplula. Best money I have ever spent (after the Glocks of course).

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