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Take .45acp over .40s&w every time?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by ViennaGambit, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. ViennaGambit


    Dec 19, 2009
    If you shot both equally, magazine capacity and ammo price were a non-issue and we are talking about standard self defense +P ammunition:

    Would you always choose .45acp over .40s&w?

    If not, why would you choose to carry .40 over the .45?

    Again, forget about skill level, ammo cost and magazine capacity

  2. barth

    barth six barrels

    Oct 7, 2011
    The Free Zone
    Sure you didn't leave any more caveats out - LOL!

    If you take away almost every meaningful comparison?
    Then in a worst case scenario of no expansion,
    the .45 would have the advantage.

    I guess that's where you're trying to go?
    BTW there is no SAAIM +P in 40.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2012

  3. K.Kiser


    Jan 23, 2010
    Shreveport, La.
    With the removal of some aspects that I think are relavent, I'd choose the .45 due to what I perceive as a softer recoil... With that said, ballistically I believe them to share a very comparable effectiveness all things being equal...
  4. G30Mike

    G30Mike Say When!

    Nov 19, 2008
    St. Joseph MO
    Definitely .45.
    .40 isn't bad at all but I just prefer a bigger and heavier slug.
  5. Well, what about pistol size? The small pistol has me liking the 40 as in my Glock 27. If it is service size, the 45 ACP is fine, and better with +P. Still, my service size choice is the 10mm which allows me to fire the 40 with a quick conversion barrel change.

    45 ACP Glocks are not as flexible with conversion barrel options.
  6. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Grumpy Old Guy

    Jan 25, 2008
    Clarksville, Tn.
    I like the 40S&W and would go with it. :supergrin:
  7. Quarter Tank

    Quarter Tank

    Aug 7, 2011
    .45 all day and night
  8. Pimp gun

    Pimp gun

    Feb 4, 2010
    In the compact models I would take the 45 anyday over the angry 40.:wow::tongueout:
  9. Brucev


    Jul 19, 2009
    I have fired thousands of rounds of both .40 S&W and .45 ACP ammunition. I like them... both. Simply because of my experience with and preference for 1911 type pistols, i'd choose the .45 ACP. For SD/HD, either is all you could need or want. The .40 S&W is perhaps ideal for such purposes since so many quality pistols are chambered for it offering high capacity, accuracy and reliability. That having been said, am most comfortable with and simply prefer the .45 ACP. JMHO.
  10. NG VI

    NG VI

    Feb 20, 2008
    Thing is, you can't really omit capacity and still take weapon size/grip size especially into account. There are literally dozens and dozens of 12-16 round .40s out there, that don't have excessively large or long grips, but to get a .45 with twelve rounds or more rounds and a grip length that doesn't restrict it to pure range use, you almost need to have an absurdly fat grip.

    A few pistols can avoid that, but for the most part, in .45 you have to choose between a usable grip for anyone of average-lite or smaller hands or more than eight rounds on tap.

    I know you said ignore capacity, but the reason capacity is an important differentiation between the 9mm/.40 and the .45 but not so much the 9mm/.40, is that to have a weapon of even roughly comparable grip size you need to give up pretty significant capacity in .45 or go single stack in both, severely limiting the platform options and inherent advantages of the .40.
  11. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    45, all day. They are pretty close but in identical platforms, I am a bit better shooter w/ the pushy 45 vs the snappy 40.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  12. J_P


    Jun 25, 2010
    I would take .45 every time, every day!
  13. JBP55


    Mar 4, 2007
    This makes no sense because the .40 is normally smaller, holds more rounds and the ammunition costs less. Your question automatically stacks everything in favor of the softer shooting .45 but it is not realistic. Happy Shooting. :cool:
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  14. cadillacguns

    cadillacguns Millennium Member

    Jan 20, 1999
    Indianapolis, IN USA
    .40 because of the bulkier .45 platform Glock makes in that caliber. I like the power and size of the .40 package.
  15. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Mar 25, 2008
    North East Ohio
    While I like both rounds and own and have carried both, I would still take the .40 every time.

    I can shoot it as well as anything else, it does everything the .45 can do in most but not all cases, and puts more rounds in a size of a gun that I'm likely to want to carry with me every day.

    .45 ballistics with the capacity of a 9mm in a compact gun,

    Whats not to love? :wavey:
  16. TF2Addict


    Jan 4, 2011
    The following statements could also be made:

    The .40 gives you ALMOST the ballistics of a .45 with ALMOST the capacity of a 9mm.

    The 9 gives you ALMOST the ballistics of a .40 with MORE capacity than a .40.


    Ballistic advantage goes: 45, 40, 9.

    Capacity advantage goes: 9, 40, 45.

    Shootability goes: 9, 45, 40 (in my opinion).

    Cost goes: 9, 40, 45.

    So 9mm wins 3 out of those 4 factors. And since shootability and proficiency (which goes up as cost is lowered because you can shoot more) is more important than even ballistics when you're talking defensive caliber handguns, the 9 is king. And don't say well then .22 beats them all. .22 doesn't produce the penetration or wound tracks the major calibers do.

    How's that for justifying a preference? :cool:
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  17. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    Not really. In some state you get 10rds max. So the mag cap advantage is gone. The XD is virtually the same size & wt in eiothe caliber. Even in a Glock, a G30SF isn't all that much bigger, certainly not heavier. In 1911 formats, the 40 has a one rd advantage, so pretty valid question by the OP. BTW, I never worry about ammo cost. I discovered reloading alooong time ago & all service rds load for the same cost, maybe a penny more pre round between them.:whistling:
    So 9mm wins 3 out of those 4 factors. And since shootability and proficiency (which goes up as cost
    Weak, but everyone needs to justify carrying their 9s.:supergrin:
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  18. Great point! This Glock 23 is at the limit of grip size for me. I would never buy a Glock in .45 simply because of the larger grip size. I know about the Glock 36 but don't care for the mag capacity.
  19. Dogguy


    Aug 2, 2008
    Soggy South.
    Well, I own 3-4 .45s and zero .40s. So I guess I would always choose the .45....
  20. Saberman


    Apr 14, 2011
    I love .45ACP but after getting to know my Gen4 G27 I can honestly say I like both now. .40S&W has its place in my safe.