Tactical Shotgun Pics Thread

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. :perfect10:Nice shotguns

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  2. Ok, I've been looking at a nova for some time but keep thinking I would like it better in a 14" version! Is that factory or done by a gunsmith? You've got my brain a stormin now!

  3. I sent the barrel off to have it done. 14 inch Benelli entry barrels are only available though departments. It would really be cheaper to have it done than to buy it.

  4. That is probably the best looking shotgun I have ever seen....:faint:
  5. Mossy 500A. ATI stock. Meprolight front sight.


    When I was installing the front sight, the threads were right, but the depth was not. It would stop at about 1/4 turn past zero. So I went to the local ACE hardware and picked up a nylon washer. After a bit of sanding to get it to tighten at zero, and place a dab of red loctite, it's all good! :supergrin:
  6. I LOVE how you have that set up... I think I may just have to copy you....
  7. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, go for it. :supergrin:
  8. I kept mine simple. 1987 870P with stock plus 2 extension, Hogue short stock, Big Dot sight, Vang comp Big Safety, sling.
    Big Dot
    Big Safety
    Cheapo paracord front sling attachment

  9. I just picked this up yesterday. Haven't shot it yet but fondled it quite a bit.


    Remington 870 - 20" barrell, 7+1.
  10. I walked in today to look at a new Mossberg Maverick 88 HD and ended up finding a used Mossberg 500A for $163.
    I asked the owner/gun smith what he felf about cutting the barrel and he pulled out a used 20" barrel with terribly welded home made sights someone traded. He switched the barrels and told me $125 and he attached a brand new 6 round side saddle for $20. He cleaned and attached the 20" barrel and took the magazine plug out. So it holds 5 plus 1.

    I would have prefered the safety on the trigger, but my bird guns all have the safety on top so I am used to it. So for $145 I think I did pretty good. All I am going to add is an under barrel mounted laser sight. I do not have pics yet.<!-- / message -->
  11. Nice 870!!!!!
  12. Nothing exotic...Remington 870 Express 7-shot with Knoxx SpecOps stock.

  13. I guess I'm old fashioned because I keep it pretty simple with a 870 Police Magnum.

  14. Very nice.
  15. Arland

    Arland Hunt Terrorists

    Yea baby!! Big dots are it. Love them on my glocks.
  16. I have the EXACT same gun. I didn't like the 870 after a few years of Mossbergs, but I'm becoming a convert.:whistling:[​IMG][/quote]
  17. I have am pretty happy with the XS rifle big dot sights on my 870.

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