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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. SGT45

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    My new Benelli M4! Cell Phone pic. Will get better pics with her sister- Benelli SNT.


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  2. Saiga by Tromix.
    Thanks Tony !!


  3. Glockdude1

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  4. This is art.
  5. It's a Benetta, no a Bernelli...nah, it's a Beretta 1201FP. Detroit Police surplus.
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  6. jooos

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    I just purchased a Mossberg 930 Semi Auto 12 ga I with a muzzle brake, I couldn’t pass it up for the price and I was told the 930 will use a lot of the same aftermarket parts that the 500 uses, so it should be easy to customize. I would like to add a tube extension, pistol grip stock, ghost rings and Picatinny rail.


  7. oh GAWDDANG that is HAWT!!
  8. Details
    Carrier Comp Mag Tube
    FFT- follower, Hammer, Hand Guards, 3/4 Charging Handle
    SA- Rail w/4rd Shell carrier and 2rd carrier..

    I'm going to replace the 4rd Carrier for a 8rd and add a Trijicon RMR
    Then buy a lot on ammo..



    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xyH7TXjhaY"]Benelli M4 - YouTube[/ame]
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  9. My new Remington model 25077, TacStar shell holder and a Scattergun Tech 1 shell extension. I still need to drill the dimples out. My follower must be hitting them because I can still only hold six. Need a light and I'll call it good.


    Dead pumpkin

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  11. ChaseUK02

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    Lots of nice HD shottys.

    Here's mine, Mossy 500 with ATI pistol/stock, Magpul hand stops and a light/laser combo.

    As they say...if it's lit, it's hit. :cool:

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  12. Ithaca Model 37? I would love to get my hands on one! Great Gun!
  13. Yes, the extension sticks past the end of the barrel by about 3/8" or so. I'd rather it not, but it is what it is. It doesn't look that bad I don't think. I haven't taken care of the dimples yet, but I think I'll try the method where you take a 16 or 17mm socket and run it through the extension, forcing the dimples out.



    Bingo! That's what I was looking for reference-wise. Thank you. I was afraid of it sticking past the end of the barrel too. Thanks again for the pic.:thumbsup:
  15. I built this 870 way back in 02/03.



    Pre production Magpul M93A (named MSS at the time) on an ACE A2 grip/stock adapter (I trimmed the lock as I like to run this at 12"LOP or so),
    20" barrel with Vang style elongated forcing cone built by Jon Tank,
    Custom top rail (there were no ready made kits at the time),
    Aimpoint M2 in an ARMS 22M68 mount,
    SGT tritium rear, XS tritium Big Dot front,
    Surefire M69 picatinny forend, M900A light, with an unbelievable 900lumen Lumens Factory Led head conversion (and my 500lumen X300 Ultra riding in the lefty-tumbbreak position when not in use on a handgun),
    Mesa Tactical Shell holders, 6 left, 4 right,
    Jon Tank +3 mag tube extension.
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  16. Here's the Winchester I'm working on at the moment. I still have to do a few things like: install the tritium front bead, and bronze mid bead, put the fore end on, and figure out which flashlight to get.

    Here are some of the main details:
    Winchester 120 Ranger 12 gauge with vent rib barrel from a 1300 (approx. 20") (4 Chokes)
    Choate top folding stock
    Choate 8 round extension tube
    Hogue overmolded fore end
    Oversized tritium front bead with bronze mid bead
    L&M Mounts 1" flashlight mount
  17. Here are a couple of my recent builds...


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  18. whitebread

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    It is good to see someone actually pinning that front sight on. Very nice builds.
  19. Just happened up on this thread and saw your baby. She looks good, hope she keeps treating you well. For me, my wife and I agreed I would not go over $300.00 for a new shotgun so I purchased the Stevens Model 320. It fits the need so far. Now to source a sling for it.
    Take it easy

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