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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Not really something I would have put together,but I got it for a hundred bucks from a desperate friend.It's a Mossberg 500 with a ported slugster barrel.Why would you need a ported barrel on a pump gun?,and how hard is it to change barrels?

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  2. Changing barrels on a 500 is really easy--just pull the slide halfway back and unscrew the cap on the end of the magazine tube.

  3. 18 inch express with stock bead sight and wood furniture.
  4. home built ( hacksaw) rem 870, 6 pos stock, works great...
  5. I like that a lot. Can you tell more about the finish? Sink parkerized? Is that correct?
  6. I really like this set up. Nice, and simple.
  7. It looks like it, but I don't think his thumb is actually on the barrel......
  8. NBT


    Well thanks to the forum regarding the advice given on the accessories on my 870 Express. Night and day from the stock 870 to now.

    Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock
    CeraKote 18" Barrel- with Tritium night sights
    Six shell side saddle
    Sure Fire M69 foregrip
    Sure Fire TLR1 light
    Blackawk vertical pistol grip

    Just need a good mag extension, (had one and didn't like it) and a sling and she's done.




  9. Magpul forend, factory Remington stock, Mesa Tactical 6-round side saddle, and inside there's a heavy sear spring and the carrier dog follower spring from a Tactical model. Don't mind the thing around the stock, it's just a wall hanger for guitars.
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  10. Not really tactical, but I call it practical tactical. My do it all 870 Super Magnum, this is HD set up, this barrel is the 21" turkey barrel which is perfect for HD and 3 gun I feel, but have a slug barrel and 28" barrel for hunting and trap. Just got done refinishing the ugly blonde stock in a custom stain and poly.


    Just finished up this build. Always wanted a Marine shotgun so found a steal on a new 500 Mariner. Added a ATI Talon stock which is awesome and really helps with recoil, a ATI shell holder rather than the cheek riser, Meprolight front night sight, and a laserlyte tube rail for a light.


    And the two together

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    You going to loose the factory stock? Even something like the Hogue would give you a shorter LOP, grippier surface, mad more solid feel. Or the SGA would be a great addition to the forend...it has stunning ergonomics despite the odd appearance.
  13. Funny you say that... I've been flip-flopping on stocks lately. I picked up a Hogue 14" or whatever (not the 12"), and I've had a Mesa Urbino for some time now.

    Spent about 4 hours at the range a couple days ago, and settled on the Urbino. Good size, good grip, very comfortable, points the best, and as a bonus, looks better than either of the other two.

    EDIT - here's how it sits right now.
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  14. RJDSRT

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    My Mossberg 500!

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    My newest. Just for bugs though. :tongueout:

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  16. So you don't pepper'em, you asalt them, right?
  17. DreamWeaver88

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    lol.....I bet pepper would work too.

    I might have to use it on my food, since fly season is done.
  18. Angry Fist

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    1. Glock Talk's Drunk Squad

    I saw the video, those are cool. How much?
  19. DreamWeaver88

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    I believe I paid like 30 or 35 for it.
  20. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    My old Winchester 1200 Defender looks like this:

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