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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

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    I'm 5'8" and I run my ARs 1 click out and cut my shotgun so it's a hair under 12" with a 1" Limbsaver pad. More comfortable both in and out of armor for me.

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  2. Hour13

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    Well, it's not Tac'ed out to the hilt, but I love it. Short, light, simple.

    870 Expr Magnum, Hogue Tamer set, 18.5" barrel, ext. to 7+1.

    In it's natural habitat...

  3. Glockdude1

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    If your are wearing body armor, (L/E), it allows you to keep weapon "close" to your shoulder, as though you were not wearing armor.

    For people with shorter arms, women, some men, it makes shooting the shotgun much easier.

  4. felix1985

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    Ok thanks. As a long armed guy who's not going to be wearing body armor anytime soon I don't think this applies to me.
  5. GenoTac Ind.

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    Have you tried a shotgun with a shorter LOP? Lots of the long armed fellows I shoot with have liked the shorter LOP on my shotgun. Try it, it's just more comfortable to be able to tuck a shotgun closer to your body.

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  6. A "shotty" ? Not laughing "with" you bro. Laughing "at" you. ;)
  7. Hour13

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    ^^ Hmm?
  8. Hour13

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    Just a guess, but if the "shotty" you're laughing at is mine... laugh away. :tongueout:

    IMO, piling on lasers, rails, & the like do not make a useful, or "tactical" weapon. A gun that is modified to suit the specific needs of the user however, is useful.

    My 870 has two purposes in life. HD, and it rides along with me when I'm going out to buy vintage cars, which usually leads me into the boonies, or into the rougher parts of town.

    In my house, I have very narrow hallways, that cut sharply off to the bedrooms, living room. I can maneuver, and get on target, much easier with this gun, than one with a stock or full length barrel.

    On car hunts, the gun is in my car, which is a Mustang. If I need the gun, I need it quick, fast, & in a hurry. Ever try to rush a full size shotgun out of a Mustang?

    So while I am aware of the stigma attached to owning a "shotty"... I set this gun up to suit my needs, and it does just that. I didn't do it because it "looks cool". Because I honestly think it looks stupid, lol.

    But it's perfect for what I want it for.
  9. LOL at g30another600R's edit comment ! Just kidding ya anyways. Had ta poke some fun. ;)
  10. GenoTac Ind.

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    Lol! All in good fun brother.

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  11. Angry Fist

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    I love my shotty.
  12. The Hogue 12" LOP stock is the best thing I put on my Mossy. I was actually thinking of selling it when I shot it with the regular 14" stock. But the shorter stock makes it so much more maneuverable and comfortable. I can shoot it with more of a squared up, solid stance, instead of a bladed stance, so recoil actually feels much less. I don't wear body armor and probably have pretty average size arms at 5'9".
  13. This is my primary HD shotgun. An 870 build that I just kept modifying until I liked everything about it:

    870 reciever
    Mesa Tactical Hi tube mount
    Hydraulic buffer tube (mil spec)
    Magpul CTR stock
    Magpul MIAD grip
    Mesa Tactical 4 shot side saddle
    Mapgpul sling attachment
    Vang Comp Barrel (highly recommended)
    Gen 1 Surefire fore-end that I stippled for a better grip. Looked and tried the new ones but I thought they were too slippery when wet, muddy, et (I do a lot of outdoor training with this gun.

    Only 3 things left to do:

    Cerakote all the metal
    Upgrade the lamp assembly to the LED unit on the Surefire
    Get a permanent optic for it. Likely the Aimpoint CompM3.

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  14. Quigley

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    How about get a magazine tube extension?
  15. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    My Mossberg 500A, 18.5" barrel, heatshield, telescoping stock, and truglo red-green dot reticle sight.

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  16. I'd like a mag extension...but that gun is plenty heavy already up front and one-armed manipulation is a chore. And for the record, I am not exactly weak. So I dont want any more weight there.

    And besides if you are in a HD situation and need more than a normal tube will hold...you're bigger concern should be calling in an airstrike. ;)
  17. Zinc park,stock cut to 12.75"LOP and recoil pad reground.Thats about it other than a Big Dot bead and Wilson safety, spring,and follower..:whistling:
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  18. That's very nice.

  19. Thanks,Heres another one I have taken a shine to lately.:cool:
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  20. That is nice looking!
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