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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Right now the friction ring is setup for light loads and it ran like a top with the cheapest junk I could find in my safe. Haven't tried it setup for buckshot as this one isn't an HD gun but just a range toy.

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  2. KANN

    It allows me to mount any picatinny accessories that turns my shotgun to a multi-mission platform and provides single weapons option in dynamic escalating scenarios. With the wide variety of accessories out there, the options for future upgrades are limitless.

    As what I mentioned to B Coyote, this 870 Police Magnum alone is already 8 lbs w/o all the upgrades. The rail is only 1 and 1/3'rd lbs. Overall, it weighs 11 lbs. The weight of the rail dramatically eliminates the muzzle rise and felt recoil by 15-20%.

    It might seem to look front heavy but, it really is not. If some people would think that 8 lbs. is already heavy for a shotgun, then I humbly suggest for them to

  3. Come on now... are we going into combat situations?... NO.

    You must have taken that off the website for that rail. Actually I know you did...
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  4. KANN

    Any life threatening situation is a combat. I'm assuming you know that. That's the reason why you have a firearm kept in your house, right?

    Obviously this kind of setup is not for you. It's a personal choice, I'm happy with it. Some guys will like it, and some will not. I built it this way only because I am concerned to gratifying my own desire, not yours.

    Petty and irrelevant as it is regarding if I've taken "wording" off from a website for the rail...you're wrong. I don't have to explain myself but, given that fact that you sounded so sure that I did - here's the website where I bought the rail from. Go ahead, indulge. :bump:

  5. Your wording just seems so technical, like your using it to get into situations, not out of them.

    Geez guy, settle down... don't get your undies in a bundle, your manpon will pop out!

    I like it! Think it looks sweet, but your not gonna use it as a multi-mission platform, come on.
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  6. KANN

    I apologize, I didn't mean to sound hostile or antagonistic. I just wanted to share my build. The way how you delivered your message, I thought yours popped out! :animlol:

    I'm glad you like my set-up. Cheers!
  7. in_this_city

    in_this_city Glocktoberfest

    As far as im going with my shotgun. I might get a CDM gear clamp for my surefire 6P though.

  8. I am using an MT clamp with a VTAC light mount for my 6P, and it is holding up VERY nicely, even under recoil from heavy loads. I am using a Mossberg 590, for the record.
  9. ^^^ Def. thought it was an 870, looks great though.
  10. Figured I'd post a picture of this year's Christmas present from my Dad.

    Its a Benelli Nova Tactical with the extended magazine tube and the Benelli factory recoil reducer already installed.

    Thanks Pop!

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  11. I just picked up the same one for my self sans the extended tube but with the comforttech... loving it!

  12. You got a Super Nova then.
  13. oh yeah....forgot mine was SUPER :tongueout:
  14. Congrats. Enjoy your Christmas holiday
  15. Wood Tactical

  16. Got some full shots? You my friend have some nice wood


    That mag extension looks a bit out of place though, with that wood forend. Like putting a GPS on a model A. Not bad, just sticks out. I'd blue the end of it.
  17. [​IMG]




    On the 590a1, the cap was custom made. It was made from aluminum, so it won't take bluing or park. I'm waiting to get the whole shotgun DuraCoated.
  18. That single shot is slick. Buddy of mine has one with the rifle stock still on it, it's wicked to 1 hand. Trigger guard nailed my trigger finger pretty good when I was messin with it. I dig em all man, nice work.
  19. Here's my Mossberg 590A1 SPX, bought it used in stock-form for $320 from a friend. Then transformed it to how I wanted it.

    Modified a 590 heatshield to fit, put on a Hogue 12" LOP stock and fore-end (best thing ever), a Tacstar side saddle and a Fenix TK-11R2 light. I keep Federal LE 'tactical' 8 pellet 00 buck on the saddle, love the gun to death. It's a bit heavy at right under 10lb with the tube empty, but this is where I boast about how strong I am that I don't care what it weighs etc etc.
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  20. My one and only, a Mossberg 590A1 SPX I bought off a friend for $320, added all of the aftermarket stuff


    There isn't really a 3-gun area around here so all I do with it is skeet-shoot (it's actually not that hard, until they get too far away), and leave it by the bed as the HD-gun.

    It's a bit hefty right under 10lb unloaded, but this is the part where I boast about how strong I am and it doesn't bother me at all etc etc.
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