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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Now you're thinking! Thx!

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  2. Apocalypse_Now

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    PSST: The Browning Gold Tac Star Sidesaddle fits your receiver..

    However FN has just informed me that the new tri rail mount is delayed until next year :(

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  3. Just curious as to why you have both rifle sight and ghost ring rears with a front blade sight?
  4. Spiffums

    Spiffums I.C.P.


    My lil jewel. I got some of that Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic.
  5. Assorted Tromix
    8" with suppressor
    From left to right- 10", 18", two 8" made for the FBI hostage rescue team, and the 6" Bodyguard.
    In the back row on the far left you can see a select-fire USAS-12
  6. Kilrain

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  7. Glockster17

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    Can you give us the details on the nice lookin' shotty on top?? How do you like the porting? Is that Vang Comp? Ect.? Thanks, Rob
  8. Dobber

    Dobber Member

    That's how it was when I bought it. I may change the barrel but it works fine as is so I'm not in a hurry.
  9. Here is mine with a few of my assorted toys:

    I just finished DuraCoating the Remmy 870 and my G17.

    I did them in a German Olive Grey.
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  10. nothing to do with your shotgun (which looks great) but do you know if that 10/22 stock can be purchased anywhere than besides with the gun. i must have one of those stocks.
  11. I saw one on eBay a couple of days ago. You might check there.
  12. Kilrain

    Kilrain Señor Member

    It is a Remington Marine Magnum purchased in 1995. The front sight is a Scattergun Tech tritium sight, the rear sight is a nickeled, MMC adjustable ghost ring tritium. The barrel is Vang Comp'd with the porting along with the sights being installed by Vang Comp. The fore end is an older Surefire 618 with a textured applique applied by T.J. Ryan of Pittsburgh, PA for a grippier surface(I don't know if he is in business anymore). I installed an oversized safety and smoothed the action with very lightly abrasive compound, although when it came back from Vang Comp it felt smoother even though I didn't request or pay for an action type job. The stock was, at the time of the picture, an adjustable length Choate style that I further cut shorter with a shop saw for a 12.5" length of pull. The stock has since been replaced by a Remington "youth" stock that gives the same length of pull in a nicer package. The sling is a Giles three point while the buttstock shell carrier is a Blackhawk I believe.

    As for the porting, I generally like it and feels it contributes to decreased muzzle rise however it it purely subjective. I will say that cleaning the porting is a pain the butt, so be aware. That being said, it is awfully heavy but dead nuts reliable and would serve as a very useful club if needed! Built like a tank, weighs like one and is more reliable.
  13. I'd just yank off the rear ghost ring on the receiver and keep the barrel.

    Buyer beware, if you put a Surefire forend on your shotgun, it will get real heavy real quick. One time I stripped my 870 down to stock and was amazed at how light it was, even loaded. Then I put it all back on and realized it wasn't recoil that made me sore. It was just holding the gun up. A heavier setup does decreases muzzle climb, so a cheaper alternative to barrel porting is attaching lead weights to the front of the gun. It should work.
  14. Kilrain

    Kilrain Señor Member

    The Surefire fore end was the least of the weight issue. I went from a Beretta 1201FP, with it's lightweight, polymer/aluminum/mystery metal construction, to the Marine Magnum, with it's all steel, super heavy construction. The fact that I added the fore end was the least of my weight issues at the time. Either way, the 870 will be around and performing many years after the Beretta, IMO.
  15. 870s will last, no questions asked. For me, I took mine out on a coyote hunting escapade that lasted all evening and well into the early morning. When you're trekking through hilly terrain in the dark, every ounce matters. That forend started making the gun pretty heavy. However, I should've had the sense to unload the sidesaddle, stock saddle, and take off the magazine extension before I went. Either way, I'll keep the Surefire on it for good except for turkey hunting. It's always nice to be able to blast 65 lumens exactly where you're pointing.
  16. Aikidoka

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    I can play now too.


  17. Kilrain

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    65 lumens? You still using that horribly inefficient Surefire incandescent bulb? Go here, buy this, immediately(!):


    In fact, buy two or three at the price they are selling them, you won't regret it, I promise. For a slightly costlier alternative, but a very well made product that you won't ever, ever be disappointed with, go here:


    I'd say for the money, the R2 drop in can't be beat!
  18. Fairly simple gun, but here is my tactical shotgun addition:

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