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  1. The Rem 870 is a great Shotgun to build on, I had mine worked over by NightHawk Tactical (Custom) I decided on the 4 Shell Mesa Tactical shell holder to keep the weight down on the reciever for home defence and the Mesa Tactical adjustable pistol grip stock with the shock absorbtion feature.

    I also went with the quick release sling swivels, one hooks to the Mesa Tac barrel clamp and the other to the GG&G quick release sling thing mounted to the stock so I can attach the sling when needed for field use or class use for training.

    I also attached a Wilson Combat quad rail forend with XT rail covers and a TLR 1 Led Tactical weapons light at the 3 o clock position, this allows me to activate the light with my pointer finger to the momentary on position or the steady on position easily depending on which way I finger the switch at the back of the TLR 1 weapons light. This set up works great and keeps the weight down compaired to the SureFire light forend set up. The shotgun is well balanced set up this way for home defence or Tactical use.

    Take Care All,:supergrin:
    Bill G

  2. mossberg 500 20" 8-shot - bought with pistol grip, installed pistol grip buttstock, pistol grip forend, side saddle, and sling. Now full buttstock and no pistol grips. I like it better that way

    maverick 88 18.5" 6 shot - bought with the stock that is on the 500, installed pistol grip on it.


    going to add one of these soon. 590, 20 inch 9-shot ghost ring sights, bayonet lug, a few plastic parts are replaced by metal ones.
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    Here is one of mine, my favorite.

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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Who says?

    1. of or employing tactics: a tactical advantage

    a move or method used to achieve an aim or task.

    a gun for firing a charge of shot at short range.

    Seems like you have a tactical shotgun to me!
  7. +1, What he said.......:cool:
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    My new Remington 870 Express tactical. Pretty much stock with the factory XS ghost ring sights, extended mag tube and breacher choke. Added the Streamlight mount for my TLR-1, 6 shot Tacstart sidesaddle and a Scattergun "Bighead" safety button. 235 flawless rounds of target. 00 and rifled slugs through it so far. Couldn't be happier with the performance.
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  9. I like the TLR-1 on my shotgun too. Slightly different mount.


    Streamlight mag tube mount.
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  10. I just finished putting my HD shotgun together. I will probably put a UTC light/laser combo on it and be done. -Wade-

  11. My FN Herstal SLP, straight out of the box, packing grease is even still on there.

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  12. cell phone pic of my mossberg 500a with knoxx spec ops stock

    [​IMG] :dunno:
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    Glad your guns are nicer than your camera :tongueout:
  14. n0vember

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    as tactical as it gets for me.
  15. RyanSBHF

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    Very nice. Sometimes simpler is better. :cool:

  16. Amen! :)

  17. I'm thinking of putting the same sights on my 870. Your happy with them?
  18. What stock is that?

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