Tactical Shotgun Pics Thread

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I'm really starting to appreciate the shotgun as a primary weapon. There are awesome shotguns here.

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  2. 10-4 on that... :)

    I took the plunge in a reasonably inexpensive way this past weekend, picking up a NEF/H&R Pardner (12 gauge pump, 5 shot tube, 18.5" cylinder bore with bead sight, black synthetic stock). It was on sale at Dick's for $199.

    I'm happy with the way it handles. The short barrel allows it to swing and point easily in fairly tight places, and the pump action is reasonably slick (nothing like the speed assist on a Winchester 1300 -- but hey, for $199... :supergrin: ).

    I can't believe that in almost 30 years of firearms ownership, this is my first shotgun! :cool:

  3. krab


    My new shotgun scope which is mouted with quick disconnect hardware.



  4. RacingGLOCK35

    RacingGLOCK35 Iceman Killeth

    my new shottie!

  5. Congrats! She's awesome.
  6. what kind of optics do you have on your shotty and hows it holding up? Im thinking about getting a red dot sight for mine.

  7. It's a cheap ($80) Aim Sports red dot. It does hold 0 pretty well (doesn't jolt even after about 50 shells on my last range test). The one drawback I've had is the laser doesn't show well when shooting outside at max sunlight (noon Texas summer), so I'm looking around for either a fiber optic rifle sights to back it up.
  8. Mercury0_0 (or anyone else) -- could you tell me what sight that is pictured in these photos?
  9. It's a C-More sight
  10. rc guy beat me to it.
  11. simple is better. only thing id add(and id never have one on a pistol) is a gun light or at least a spot for one. I HATE gun lights on pistols as you can use your weak hand for the light..but on a shotty you kinda need both hands..But I LOVE SIMPLE much more than tacticool with a bunch on nonsense hanging off it :) . VERY nice gun.
  12. I want one of these BADLY :)
  13. Finally getting a picture up of my Benelli Nova Tactical with Eotech 512, along with the rest of the collection.

  14. Ive posted this already but thought id post it here as well. Soon Ill be adding a Mesa Tac barrell/mag tube clamp with rail and sling swivel ( ordered and waiting on UPS ).
  15. This is a really good point. If you have the light mounted and "loose" the weapon, you loose both. But if you have the weapon in one hand and light in the other and loose one, you still have the other. You may still be able to shoot or may be able to temporarily distract your assailant. Smacking your assailant one the side of the head or in the throat with the light even works.

    Wise statement.
  16. MudTerrain

    MudTerrain Batman w/ Guns


    Is this horse dead yet?

    Great looking shotguns, guys! Keep 'em coming!

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