Tactical Shotgun Pics Thread

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by blaster_54738, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. MacG22



    What forend/pump did you install on it?

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  2. It's the Hogue forend that came with the 12" LOP stock. Best feeling pump I've seen so far.

  3. MacG22


    And it went straight on the Moss without any noodling?
  4. MacG22


    Here are my two. Nova Pump Tac and the M2 Tac. I really enjoy both. Nova is still new to me. But the slug switch is great feature. I had a guy offer to trade me the Nova and some cash for his Nighthawk 870. It was a great gun, don't get me wrong. But the combination of the price and the absence of the slug switch swayed me to not do it. I just didn't want to go back to the half pump/refeed mag round/full pump procedure again. Just a week with the Nova and I'm spoiled.

  5. Yep, as easy as undoing the castle nut, sliding off the factory pump and sliding the Hogue on. I understand there are issues with specific Mossbergs that have a different length action-tube, but the 590s don't have that problem.

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