Tactical Light/Laser combo for Glock 30SF

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by EskrimadoR, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm Planning to buy a Glock 30SF.. found out there is a rail for light/laser or combo..Any input what's best in the market that will fit this gun. Or should I just find a light that will fit and buy a Lasermax for it ? Is Lasermax any good ?
    Advance Thanks for any Recommendations/Suggestions/Inputs...

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  3. RayB

    RayB Retired Member

    We are very pleased with the LaserMax guide rod units in our G19 and G21. Installed in 2005/2006, they have both proved to be durable, reliable, and accurate over several thousand rounds on each gun.

    I also really like my rail-mounted LaserMax UNI-GREEN! That green beam is the bee's knees for 24-hour visibility! The clever design incorporates a rail of its own, so you can stack on a weapon light if you choose.

    As weapon lights go, SureFire is the best, but the Insight XTI Procyon and WX150 give it a real run for its money--at $100.00 less!

    We've got the SureFire X200 A & B, and the Procyon. The A's spot beam is fine for outdoors, but the other two are far better for indoor use, with their wide flood beams. The new SureFire X300 replaces the X200 A & B, and offers better all around performance than its predecessors.

    All of the above-mentioned weapon lights are LED-based (Light Emitting Diode) illuminators, which is a feature you want in a weapon light.

    Note: I found that the SureFires would not mount beneath the UNI-GREEN laser on our G17, G19 and G21, as the lamp bodies are too long to allow lock-up. The Procyon fits nicely!

    I prefer the flexibility of the separate light and laser approach, and the fact that the units are not interdependent. I also prefer the laser emitter being closer to the gun's bore axis, as it is with the guide rod and rail-mounted LaserMax units.

    Alternatively, the Viridian X5L has been favorably reviewed, and the TLR-2 C4 has earned lots of recognition as a great value.


  4. Personally, I am not a fan of Light/Laser combos. Just to much added weight in my opinion. I would suggest just going with a regular tac light and having a Lasermax guide rod laser, BUT the cost of the Lasermax is just to expensive and I am not a fan of how it is activated.

    If you are still interested in a Light/Laser combo then I would look at the Insight WX150L. If not already, it is soon to be released and is built on the solid frame of the WX150 with the addition of a laser. I have been very pleased with Insights products and highly recommend them.
  5. RayB and Flipz ..Thank you much for the time in sharing inputs and suggestions.
    I was wondering if there will be problem in putting those tac light or laser on a Glock 30SF.. Last time I look on the Glock 30SF at the gunstore it looks like the rail is shorter compared to regular rail on other Glocks ?
    About the Lasermax..will the model for Glock 30 will fit the new Glock 30 SF ?

    For the other members with Glock 30 SF with accessories on their rails..please show/share some pics.
    Thanks ;)
  6. The Lasermax guide rod laser should work fine in the SF model. The regular and SF models are the same except for the grip. There is no deifference to the frame internals between the regular and SF models. If you want to be absolutely certain just contact Lasermax. But I can tell you with 99.9% certainty that it will work.

    As far as mounting a Tac light to the G30 or G30SF:
    The overall length of the frame is shorter then a full size pistol, this is what makes it a compact. BUT the measurement for mounting a tac light is the same. Any tac light that works with a full size glock will work with a compact glock. Just keep in mind that since the overall length of the frame is shorter the tac light will stick out past the front of the frame, instead of staying underneath the frame.
  7. I have the Viridian X5L and I am happy with it. Pro's: green laser is highly visible in daylight to dusk, downright bright as hell in the dark; not all that heavy for a laser/light combo; seems to be very well built; nice packaging with everything you need and then some. Con's: pricey; light function not nearly as bright or effective as Surefire X series. Green lasers are the way to go, but you might want to read up on their operating temperatures vs red lasers. If it gets seriously cold outside, your green laser will not work. Not much for me to think about down here in the dirty south but people in the upper states might need to consider it.
  8. RayB

    RayB Retired Member

    With regard to the extra weight of a laser, keep in mind that a LaserMax guide rod or Uni-Max (or UNI-GREEN) rail-mounted laser, with batteries, weighs less than a .45 ACP cartridge. There is ostensibly no impact on the way the gun feels or handles.

    Keep in mind that the weight of your Glock goes from maximum to minimum every time you load and fire a magazine's worth of ammo... :dunno:

    Note that a LaserMax LMS-1191 guide rod model fits a G30SF, but will not fit a Generation Four model...


    A LaserMax Uni-Max can be had for well under $200.00... Shop around for your best buy...


    Note my comment about fitting a SureFire X200/X300 weapon light beneath the above-mentioned laser...

    Here (attached) are two pics... The first is Judy's G19 with LaserMax guide rod laser and SureFire X200B; the second is my G21 with LaserMax LMS-UNI-G (UNI-GREEN) and Insight XTI Procyon...

    By the bye, I rented the G30 on two occasions and loved it! :thumbsup:

    Let us know what you choose and how you like it! :wavey:

  9. Guys, thanks for all the help.. Especially RayB for info.'s and picture.
    I'll let you know when I get my G30SF ;)

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