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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by crazyasian1, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Or you could look into the Nexus 7 and other Android 7 inch tablets which are even cheaper than the iPad Mini...

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  2. This sounds like a HIPAA violation waiting to happen. I hope you never lose that personal device you are putting patient information directly on. There's a reason EMR systems are accessed through a web portal or something like Citrix, it's so no patient data is ever on the device.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet running Android 4.2.2 , (just updated from 4.1). I purchased it from Amazon for $179.00, the wifi only version and I am quite satisfied with it. However, as others have stated a laptop might be better for school work .
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  4. Very simple question to help narrow it down:

    What is your actual budget?

  5. The EMR accessed through a tablet goes through the same portal as on the computer. You access it through the Citrix app for iOS or Android which is a virtual PC type app in my understanding. You still have to log in with your user name and password. As far as me taking patient notes and info on the device, the alternative being scrap paper is much less secure. My tablet is encrypted and has to be unlocked with a password. A piece of paper is a piece of paper, which is lost far easier than a tablet and can be read by anyone who happens to see it. Believe me, with all the regulations out there, all the hospitals make very well sure all of their systems are in compliance. You can't take away the human error factor obviously, but I would much rather have patient notes on a secure device than on loose paper. And I delete my notes once I write the official one in the chart. If my tablet is lost, nobody is going to unlock it without wiping it first, and that's assuming they know how to get into recovery to do it. And I can wipe it remotely as well.
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  6. Thanks for all the input folks. I'm shooting for no more than $400 if I go the tablet route. Laptop would probably be a better idea, but I can't imagine 9th grade "document processing" being anywhere near what most of us think when we hear those words. I'm thinking a tablet will do enough at the speed it needs to be done for her purposes.
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  7. Well a laptop would be a better choice then. The Surface RT can be found for that price with a keyboard and has MS Office.
  8. A tablet will do just fine, and be far more portable with far better battery life than a laptop at the $400 price range. Just get a physical keyboard and a stand (should cost around $30 for both). Keep in mind that excellent laptops with 8+ hours of battery life can be had for $1000 and up, but at the $400 price range you are looking at giant dinosaurs with 3-4 hours of battery at best.
  9. Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet/laptop. Not made anymore in this model so it's cheaper. More weight but much more versatility and infinitely easier to type on. An actual hard drive. WiFi built in. I own two and used them daily.

    [ame=""]Dell Inspiron Duo 10 1" 320 GB Intel Atom Dual Core 1 5 GHz 2 GB Tablet 884116054757 | eBay[/ame]

    I bought refurbs and have been very happy.
  10. I have an HTC Flyer that I've had for about a year and a half. I would recommend you avoid it. Heavy, endless connectivity problems with WiFi. When I still had it on a data plan it was no problem, but I got tired of blowing thirty bucks a month.
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    Two pieces of advice.

    Get on Amazon, search and read customer reviews. Some of those guys are the Hickock45 of tech devices.

    Think long and hard before getting a Kindle, they are very locked down by Amazon. If I had known I would not have bought one.
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    I am a computer security guy. I hang out with computer guys. I have an Android tablet, personal laptop, company laptop, other company laptop. I have friends with Ipads.

    IMHO, get a small light weight laptop to do real work.

    My tablet only gets used for looking at pictures when I don't want to take a real computer with me. It also works well hooked into my smart phone for mobile mapping. But the word processing is lacking. Excel is not a full excel.
  13. The problem is that in his price range, small lightweight laptops do not exist. Those are the Macbook Air or Samsung Series 9 types, which start at $1000. In the $400 price range, you can only get giant dinosaurs with poor battery life.
  14. See post#29. Though battery is only a couple hours of max brightness and continuous use.
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    I see him spending $400 now and then $1000 around Christmas.

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