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SUSE 9.2 Live CD's Ready for Download

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by saber41, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. saber41

    saber41 Guest

    from Distrowatch

    The upcoming SUSE LINUX 9.2 has yet to hit the retail stores, but the product's two live CDs (with either KDE or GNOME) and a live DVD are now available for free download: "This directory contains three different versions of Live media for SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2. LiveDVD.iso: the LiveDVD that comes with both GNOME and KDE desktops and a number of popular applications. LiveCD-Gnome.iso: This is LiveCD with only GNOME. LiveCD-KDE.iso: This is a LiveCD with only KDE. The LiveDVD supports the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greece, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. The two LiveCDs only support English and German languages." The README file also contains instructions for burning the ISO images. Download: SUSE-Linux-9.2-LiveCD-Gnome.iso (679MB), SUSE-Linux-9.2-LiveCD-KDE.iso (676MB), SUSE-Linux-9.2-LiveDVD.iso (1,302MB).

    Download the SUSE 9.2 Live-Eval discs from here,
  2. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate CLM

    Jan 25, 2000
    Any difference between this and the paid-for version other than documentation and support?

    Their servers must be getting hammered for these downloads as I'm showing a 6 hour timeframe and I'm on a 3 meg cable feed. ;Q

    Current speed... 30kb and dropping. :(

  3. I believe these are live/run from CD/dvd isos without any installer.You should be able to do an FTP install of Suse 9.2 soon.I downloaded the two CD iso's.I don't have a DVD writer but I do have a CD writer.I want to compare the Gnome desktop to the KDE desktop.With the size of the DVD iso it looks like it might have more software than just the two desktops on the CD's.The very best live CD I have found is Kanotix 9A .Mepis 2004.03 is a good one too.Both have installers.
  4. saber41

    saber41 Guest

    Washington, D.C. is correct, this is just the live version of SUSE 9.2, which runs off of the cd/dvd. There is nothing to partition or install. Using the live version is a good way to check out the distro without having to partition or install anything on your HDD, it is also a decent way to verify that your hardware configuration is compatible with the distro.

    SUSE 9.2 is scheduled to be released in November, I'm assuming that SUSE will offer the Personal Edition as a free download just like they did for SUSE 9.1.
  5. Mepis 2004.04 has just been released. This is a great live CD that can be installed. I still prefer Kanotix for it's true Debian kernel though.
  6. I think I found the differences between the Suse 9.2 CD's and the DVD.The DVD supports more languages.The CD's have only English and German.