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  1. Now that they are legal in Mi I would like to purchase one for an AR & a 10-22 . Can one do both guns? Is a trust worth it for a supressor and are there any good internet sites or books to read up on designs ? I'm interested in poi change, mounting options and what it takes to clean one, I assume 22lr gets dirty fairly quickly? Also do any changes need to be made to the ar to get it to cycle reliably while suppressed?
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    Yes, but a .223 suppressor will be overkill (large and heavy) on the .22.

    Yes. For trusts, Also, there are some historic books on suppressor designs but most of the info is dated.

    POI change depends on several factors and is not entirely just the suppressor or the host firearm.

    .22LR suppressors do accumulate gunk.

    If properly made, no.

    I have a bunch of tech notes about some of these topics over on the TBAC web site

  3. Thanks that is the type of info I was looking for

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