Suppressor for G21 and G19

Discussion in 'GATE NFA/Class III' started by JackMac, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. My G21 has a Gemtech Blackside and G19 an Abraxas can. Neither gun shoots reliably with subsonic or more powerful rounds. Frequent hang ups, stove pipes and failure to feed issues. Take the suppressors off and they function just fine. Use LoneWolf barrels on both. Do I have too much lithium grease in them? or not enough? Winchester 147 grain, subsonic 9mm and 115 grain CCI. Winchester, Federal and Georgia Arms 230 grain .45 used. I've not previously owned suppressors and was sure disappointed today with the lack of performance. They jammed cycling on the very first shot. Do the barrels need to be shot more to break in before screwing on the suppressors? Help, I'm ignorant.
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    Are you using a recoil booster (Nielsen device), or do these silencers have one built in?

  4. Nope. Jeff at Abraxas, AWC, asked me to send the 9mm suppressor and G19 to them and their gunsmith would get the barrel fitted to the gun so operation would be smooth. So I shipped it all to AWC on Monday evening. Can't get up with Gemtech. Don't have Nielsen device or LID. Thanks, Jack
  5. Think I've got it. G21 stock has a 17 lb recoil spring. I've ordered a 15 lb and will see what if anything happens. I shot the daylights out of it yesterday without the can, and concluded perhaps the barrel just needed to be a bit used with the gun first. Later, I put the can on it and the first round or two would stove pipe, then the next ten or eleven would be just fine with the can on the pistol. We shall see, sayeth the blind man...we shall see.

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