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Support benigno simeon c. Aquino iii - 15th president

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Toby1006Glock, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Toby1006Glock


    Sep 15, 2005
    Subic Bay
    It is really disturbing that the cycle of cynicism and apathy continues even after the 2010 election is over. Yung P500 bill showing Noynoy, Cory, Ninoy and Kris Aquino however humorous, really undermines our hope for new governance and ridicules us all. I dont want to post the image nung P500 Aquino Family bill kasi nga "circulating" it sa web ginagawa lang natin katawa-tawa ang bansa natin. Let's give Noynoy Aquino a chance as president. Ako I voted for Dick Gordon pero since Noynoy won, then we should support him as President. Noynoy is not Kris Aquino, hindi siya si Ninoy or Cory. Let's support him first before we criticize him. After all, kapag sumablay si Noynoy eh kasama tayong lahat dito - unless aalis na tayo at titira sa America, Canada o Australia. Same thing if President Noynoy Aquino's succeeds as President then it is our success too as a country and as a people. Damay-damay tayo dito - good or bad. God bless
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2010
  2. Eye Cutter

    Eye Cutter Moderator

    Nov 21, 2002
    Dr. B. Eye
    korek ka dyan! i voted for Gibo, who i thought had the best qualifications to be the next President. But since P-Noy won, let's help him get the job done.

    Leadership by example!

    Ma-invite kaya natin si Pres. Noynoy sa BoGs Level 2 match? LoL!

  3. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    I admire Kris
    Parang si Paris Hilton, marunong mag market sa sarili para kumita

    Anyone have a clue who'll be the next dilg chief?
    I thought pasok na yung award winning naga mayor
    Baka si sen lacson, I hope :)
  4. darth board

    darth board steel killer

    Jan 16, 2006
    baka magpalaro pa yan gaya ni fvr noon sa loob pa ng malacanang ginawa yung fvr cup.
  5. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Jul 27, 2006
    I think Jessie Robredo would be a good fit as DILG chief, straight shooter, and unafraid to do the right thing even if its unpopular.
  6. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Jul 27, 2006
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2010
  7. choi_tan2000

    choi_tan2000 BoG # 55555

    Mar 14, 2006
    not only that noy is a shooter why i supported him, but i see something on him that i believe he may lead our country into something good if not the best. I think in just his first day of office he was able to show a little but very symbolic change being the president is not being a king but a no. 1 servant of the country stated with simple wang wang issue, now every body is following. i hop he can sustain this till the last day of his term, to be a good example and a responsible citizen.

    i hope our new leaders like noy will not think it is their right blah blah blah instead they' think it is their responsibility to serve the nation and not vise versa.

    sayang masyado nang malapit ang july 17 for sure kung di sya busy mayb some member here can invite our bnew press. noi.

    wait natin presidents cup for sure he will shoot there
  8. Whether I like it or not, he's my big boss:supergrin:, and thus by doing my job I am supporting him.

    Now he's doing his best to set an example, no more wang-wangs...

    Noynoy convoy stopping for red lights
    (The Philippine Star) Updated July 02, 2010 12:00 AM

    MANILA, Philippines - On his first day in office, President Aquino set a good example by obeying traffic rules on his way to Malacañang.

    Yesterday, Mr. Aquino followed the same routine of stopping at every stoplight.

    On his orders, the Presidential Security Group (PSG) escorts are not using their sirens to warn motorists to give way to the Chief Executive.

    From Quezon Avenue, the President’s convoy did not take a shortcut by turning left on Araneta Avenue.

    Instead, it went straight and used one of the concrete U-turn slots along the road, the one near Sto. Domingo Church, before turning right on Araneta Avenue and proceeding toward the Sta. Mesa-Malacañang area.

    Mr. Aquino has directed his driver to stop at every traffic light, from the time he leaves his residence on Times Street in Quezon City up to Malacañang in Manila.

    The President reminded government officials to take the cue from his inaugural speech.

    His 20-minute inaugural speech last Wednesday virtually turned into a rallying cry against indiscriminate use of sirens that has become a bane in the streets.

    “Walang wang wang, walang counter-flow, walang tong. Panahon na upang tayo ay muling magkawanggawa (No more sirens, no more counter-flow, no more extortion. It is time for us to work positively),” Mr. Aquino said in his speech.

    The President directed all government officials to follow his lead and do away with the use of sirens and blinkers, which he said, only gives the public the impression that those with power only use it abusively.

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) has immediately ordered policemen to “disarm” their “wang wangs.”

    PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa warned erring police personnel would face stiff sanctions for using sirens.

    “Effective June 30, the use of sirens and other similar devices that emit exceedingly loud or startling sounds in motor vehicles by all PNP units and personnel is also prohibited,” Verzosa said in the directive.

    “In all cases, the practice of counter-flow to beat traffic congestion in all roads and highways is also prohibited. All police personnel found violating the directive shall be administratively sanctioned,” he said.

    PNP-Highway Patrol Group director Chief Superintendent Orlando Mabutas said motorcycle cops, known locally as “hagads,” were also included in the directive.

    Metro Manila police director Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales, for his part, personally ordered his two motorcycle escorts to “disarm” their sirens.

    Rosales also issued a directive to all police chiefs in Metro Manila to do away with the use of sirens, unless for emergencies and legitimate police operations.

    The Philippine Coast Guard also issued the directive on personnel against the use of sirens.


    Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Alberto Suansing said the presidential directive is a welcome development for the implementation of the decades-old law that regulates the use of sirens.

    Suansing said traffic enforcers were apprehensive before in accosting high-profile motorists in the indiscriminate use of sirens and blinkers.

    With President Aquino waiving his privilege to use sirens, there is no reason why other officials should use the device.

    Suansing said that under Presidential Decree 96, only six types of vehicles can use sirens and blinkers: the official vehicles of the military, including that of the President as commander-in-chief; the official vehicles of the National Bureau of Investigation; those of the LTO; firetrucks; police cars and ambulances.

    “If we’re going to talk about the law, only the vehicle of the President (among elected officials and other VIPs) is allowed to use the siren,” Suansing stressed.

    But in reality, according to Suansing, traffic enforcers are hesitant to implement the law against some others who are not even entitled to the use of sirens.

    Suansing said he personally “got into trouble” with politicians in implementing the law on the unauthorized use of sirens.

    Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) general manager Robert Nacianceno said traffic enforcers have started confiscating a number of illegally installed sirens and blinkers.

    Nacianceno said the MMDA has coordinated efforts with the LTO in apprehending motorists using sirens and blinkers on the road.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay, for his part, said the law on the unauthorized use of sirens and blinkers should be strictly complied with.

    Binay said a strict regulation would ensure compliance with the snowballing campaign against sirens.

    “There is no reason why private individuals should have sirens. That is one cause of abuse. Unless they are used for private ambulances and volunteer firefighters, private persons should not be allowed to own or use sirens,” Binay said.

    Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez said the ban on the use of sirens was a bold move on the part of Mr. Aquino.

    “It addresses something that is measurable, visible and audible. The public should cooperate by reporting those ignoring President Noy’s admonition,” Golez said.

    He said people, particularly motorists, could relate to the President’s directive “because they see such arrogance and abuse of power every day, and it affects them.”

    “Some of those displaying such arrogance might even be grafters or criminals who are bullying everyone,” Golez remarked.

    Apparently, not everyone concerned heard the President’s admonition against the use of sirens.

    Yesterday, employees of the National Housing Authority complained to The STAR that they again saw a white Ford Expedition coming from Mahinhin street at the back of the NHA compound in Diliman, Quezon City blaring with sirens, together with its two motorcycle policemen-escorts.

    “This guy obviously thinks he is more powerful than President Noynoy. He hasn’t heard of his ban on wang-wang, or if he did, he chose to ignore it,” one employee said.

    He said they heard the unidentified passenger bullying his way out of his residence not far from Claret School in UP Village every day between 8:30 and 9 in the morning. -With Jess Diaz, Cecille Suerte Felipe, Non Alquitran, Jose Rodel Clapano, Mike Frialde, Reinir Padua, Evelyn Macairan


    At least now I can work without being disturbed by those wang-wangs being tested here in Banawe.:supergrin: But I can't do anything about those ambulances on their way to the Philippine Orthopedic Center...
  9. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    Apr 27, 2004
    I really do want to see him implement this no wang wang policy. I just hope that he will not eat his words later on.
  10. saki1611

    saki1611 BOG's #1611

    Sep 16, 2006
    i admire his stand and advocacy against using of "wang-wang" and setting himself as an example, but it compromises his security. this is a big challenge to the PSG...

    likewise, i voted for Gordon on last election, but my all-out support now to the new president PNoy whether as member of the PNP or even just a normal citizen.
  11. PMMA97

    PMMA97 TagaBundok

    Nov 25, 2003
    Dapat ayusin nya ang traffic then there would be no need for wang wang.
    I'm all out for his desire to get close to the masses but I saw multiple motorcycle riding in tandems get close to his column.

    I mean subukan nya sa Jolo or some god forbidden place yan style na hihinto or slowing down sa intersections kapag hindi siya inabangan ng mga fundamentalists terrorists na naka motor and blow themselves, PNoy and the PSG, to kingdom come.

    Paano nya matutupad ang mga pangako nya kung dead na sya?

    Better emulate his father na kahit papano ay nag bullet proof vest maski alam na nya na titirahin siya sa airport.

    Andaming problema ng bayan natin...huwag sana mag focus sa maliliit na bagay.

    May the Good Lord show him the way to really get close to the poor. Amen.
  12. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    Apr 27, 2004
    What I meant was for him to enforce the law, only those authorized to use sirens should be the only ones using them. Those unauthorized people who think they own the road and above the law should be stopped and fined heavily...
  13. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    yan mga wangwang na yan just small things that remind youna hindi pantay pantay ang tao dito sa pinas
  14. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    Yun nga pinagtataka ko
    i thought he's in
    Bakit kaya hindi pa?
    May group lobbying for someone else?

    On an unrelated note, I think pnoy needs a hatchetman
    someone na nakakatakot but honest, who'll take the blame and the heat from him
    Taken from the dark Knight, "Pnoy is the hero we need"
    That's why he was voted
    Dapat di masira ang image, or else mawawalan na talga ng hope ang mahihina loob haha
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2010
  15. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Jul 27, 2006
    Akala ko din si Mayor Robredo na nga, pero hindi pa pala official, siya lang yung gustong ipalagay ng grupo ng mga NGO, teachers, etc. No news yet from some relatives na may inside info sa LP; no word on other groups lobbying for someone else...

    Agree ako diyan, Noy DOES need a hatchetman, someone who will do the "dirty work" for the betterment of the people. Yung tipong parang si Rudy Fernandez dun sa isang pelikula, "Walang personalan, trabaho lang" hehehe.

    Hmmmm...sino kaya pwede? Rudy D was too close to GMA, matanda na si Fred Lim, sino pa ba pwede?
  16. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home

    I voted for Gibo too.
    Noy won, and I'll give him exactly as much support as I've given past prez's:
    I'll continue paying my taxes and obeying the laws of the Republic.
  17. edtf


    Oct 10, 2007
    I still vote for Duterte even if he is close to GMA or not. Bayani is not bad too. BUT I think they are reserving DILG for Mar
  18. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    I did not vote for P-Noy also i will also support him in his plans wag pang umextra si kristeta
  19. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    yep , nasasayang lang si Duterte sa vice mayor
    The only way matatakt mga makakapal sa gobyerno is to get someone who's even more nakatakot
    He's a guy who can tell the people na may agenda , the lobbyists, etc to go @#$% themselves
    Interestingly , i bet kaya rin ni Miriam Santaiago yan hehe

    I'm just afraid Robredo as talented as he is , kakainin ng malalaking buaya sa gobyerno. Executive sec nalang
  20. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Jul 27, 2006
    God I hope not. Mar should just stay in the Senate and do what he does best: make flawed laws that eventually get amended.:upeyes: