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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Shima, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for options for a mag tube extension for my Benelli. The Nordic Components one looks like a good option from the reviews. Does anyone have a better option or any experience with the Nordic Components parts? They have the barrel clamps with picatinny rails for mount lights also. Does anyone have any input on the subject? Thanks, Shima

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  2. Isnt it crazy how much a simple tube like a mag extension costs? $79 is alot of money for a part that mechanically is about as simple as it gets buy hey, it is very good quality.

    I think the Nordic extension is amazing but in the grand scheme of things it isnt a "must have option". Kinda like the analogy of a hammer. A $10 dollar hammer will pound nails just as "effectively" as a $1000 hammer made out of a billet of titanium wit a carbon fiber handle. Are you really getting next generation performance out of an expensive part like a Nordic? It will impress folks though and that is important to some people.

    Its a mag tube. They are cave man simple. I have had Choate and Tac-Star mag tubes in the past that did the job flawlessly and contrary to the hype, they never fell off or broke off.

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  3. Glock2008

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    I have a tac star on my benelli nova. Anyway you go there built solid as rock and will last a lifetime.
  4. Well, the way I see it is that by the design of the Benelli not being as conducive to a tac star side saddle for extra ammo as say a Mossy or an 870, I want to pack as much ammo as I can inside the Benelli. (within reason obviously) I'll probably get some sort of a butt stock ammo carrier as well. I REALLY hope if the day ever comes that I need to use the gun, I don't have to reload. I may want to carry different shells in the stock shell carrier than what's in the gun though.
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    Why aren't the Benellis as conducive to a side saddle? :dunno:

    I've seen some nice options out there.
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    Choate makes a +2,3,4,&5 extensions for the Benelli.Nova. Price range from $48.00-$51.00
  7. Seems like the Mesa saddle strips out the little receiver holes in the top, so then where to carry the extra shells?
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  8. Because adding weight to the receiver will affect the reliability of an inertia recoil operation of a Benelli. Not so with the gas operated version.
  9. The SuperNova is a pump. But the real issue is the tiny receiver screws being the primary source of stability. They just arent as good as using the trigger housing cross pin design. I think because the SuperNova has a slightly round body/plastic overmold armor shell, a cross pin side saddle system hasnt been made yet. Curved cost more to make than flat parts I think?

    As for the original question...I thought about testing out the TacStar +2 extension but I think the Nordic may actually be the best route as far as fit and finish to match the Benelli. When my fat tax return comes in I'll decide?
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  10. Keep me informed. I wish you had both of those and the Choate so you could do a Youtube review on them, so I could see a good comparison. I don't think I want to skimp on something that I may someday have to depend on in a life or death situation, so maybe $80 for the Nordic Components extension isn't so bad.
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  11. I agree Shima, A sexy Benelli deserves the sexy Nordic. Mossberg? Probably not lol. I am splitting my tax return with the wife so I'll have a few grand to play with next week!
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  12. I know what you mean on splitting the tax return. I got a G26 and she got a DSLR camera. I also got a new set of Nitto tires for the truck, so I can't complain that she wont let me get the Nordic extension right now.
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  13. I hear ya bro. I bought 4 Toyo open country M/T's for this...
    and it killed me!!! $200+ each!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I thought it was a bad design the second i saw it. Confirmed by user reports. So i got the Mesa carrier for the PG stock, don't know if you have the PG model or not.
  15. No pistol grip on mine. What kind of Mesa carrier is on your stock? Got pics?
  16. you have the model that replaces the sling plate in the back? that was my question for mesa to make sure it would work. can you comfrim please???? :supergrin:
  17. yeah it's held together by the big stock bolt. quite a bit tougher that those little tiny screws.:supergrin: It's heavy for only 4rds but it's at the back so if anything i think it makes it balance better.
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  18. So this is for a tactical stock I guess?
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  19. yes....

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