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super hog bowl noway 2 , hog 4

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. This morning was a productive hunt. I've hunted on public grounds and scored a big Sow. Today was one of the best weather date for hunting. Low heat but not cold, no wind, and ground was dry but not crunching.

    About 2 hours into my hunt. I had a group of hogs break thru cover to streak across a marss and thru the prairie grass. I mess getting a shot on the 1st do to their speed, my distance and I had just reposition myself.


    Minutes later 2 more hogs came out of cover about 20yards away. They where covering ground quite a bit but the lead hog ( pictured sow ), stop about 40yards away and about 20yards before re entering near my position.

    I lit her up with one round of 00B hevishot from about 42 yards away. She kick and try to run but soon fell over, let out a "oh my god I'm hit " howler and then a deep death moan.


    This sow weighs at least 300 lb maybe 350 lbs.

  2. Okay here's her getting dress .


    Guts an Glory


    Okay sawing the pelvic and removing the rest of the anus.


  3. Okay off with the head for a lighter load


    The shield on this old sow was about 1" in some places and started forward of the shoulder to about midway down the body.


    One Buckshot pellet was recovered, undamage or deformed.


    More pork for the frig. ;)

    This hog meat will be ground and season for some later eating. THe hevishot once again , did it's job. So far I've taken 3 hogs with this load. It's quite expensive when compared to regular buck loads. The recoil and report out of a 28" semiauto is almost nothing.

    The loads patterns okay for the most part. I've only seen 2 entrance/exit holes but I will perform a more detail review of the carcass later.
  4. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002
    Noway, Your the Man! The hog King Hoss ! ;)
    Great story, great hunt, great shot, and great photo's !

    Now on to great eating !!!!!

    Mucho Congrats my friend !

    BTW.. The pic of the hogs head in the close up... She look down right happy, smiling I think. Don't that warm your heart ? ! :supergrin:

    Good work Bud !

  5. But only if you could have seen my smile , when I had that front bead on her and in my sight .


    I need to get you down to Central FLA one day for a hog hunt or you need to get to central TX where numerous farmers have hog problems and some will even pay you to take them out.

    My cousins just shot a feral hogs from what I was told that wonder across the fence boundary. I think a few other people, that I keep in touch with around out College station TX areas, have had big problems with feral hogs winding up in off-limits areas. They have traps and hog feeders to attract them to a spot and just try to mow them down per se with rifles and shotguns. I think this last year they told me between 3 -4 guys, they killed over 200 plus hogs :shocked:

    These TX hogs are so ballsy, that they actual come out to the feeder during daylight hours, and sit and wait for it to go off. My friend also told me story that they shot a hog under the feeder and another hog 2 yards aways, just looked at the squirming dying hog and then kept on eating. ( he too was shot a few seconds later );)

    I was counting in my head and I think this hog makes number 50 iirc +- 2, taken in Fla. I could be wrong but I've killed the most hogs here in Florida and about 2-5 hogs per year since 1999. I'm actually tired of hogs and really want vension.