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Sunscreen + Bug Repellent

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by theGreenAggie, May 17, 2009.

  1. theGreenAggie


    Jan 16, 2009
    Anyone know a good brand of sunscreen that has bug repellent in it? I'm really only worried about mosquitoes. I used to go camping and would just use normal sunscreen along with Off!, but now I'm gonna be outdoors with customers and stuff, I don't want to smell like Off! Any suggestions?
  2. Nothing better than Avon Skin-So-Soft in the spray can. I use it all the time for golfing.

  3. theGreenAggie


    Jan 16, 2009
    Well that's an answer I never would have seen comin'! The reviews from a few quick google searches all seem positive, though. I'll check it out!
  4. Never seen a repellant that has spf and was a good bug repellant. FWIW any thing with lemon grass or eucalyptus, seems to be great. Byt what do I know, I live in a county with at lest 40species of mosquitos ;)
  5. Try the Skin-so-soft. You won't be disappointed. They found out by accident years ago that something in it was a great mosquito repellent. Then they added the 30SPF and we got the best of 3 worlds. It's on sale for $6.99 a can. ;)
  6. You go to areas that I go to in SEFLA and a mosquito would laugh at your so-soft repellant.

    That might work with city mosquitoes, but true middle of the everglades or standing in 3ft of water Lake Okeechobee duck hunting @ 5AM, you need more than Skin-so-Soft.

    trust me on the above ;)
  7. Ak.Hiker


    Feb 8, 2005
    Homer Alaska
    Having made a few trips to Florida myself I would think that Noway would be our resident expert on Mosquitoes. I tried to go for a walk in the Everglades once with some kind of bug dope on. I watched a lady at the trail head put on some kind of safari net over her head as she was preparing for her walk. It did not take long to understand why she was using a net. What ever brand I was using was worthless on those Florida mosquitoes.
  8. I had some Skin So Soft when my son and I went to Boy Scout Sea Base in the Florida Keys a couple of years ago.

    It didn't work very well on Mosquitoes, but it worked very very well on noseeums.