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Discussion in 'What Happened To My Want Ads Area?' started by Eric, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. I would suggest fixing the upload system so I can upload pics. Every pic I try to upload gives me this message:
    IMGP0770.JPG (exceeds your PHP maximum upload value.)

    I have sold other guns with this new system and uploaded pics from the same location and never had any problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
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  2. +1

    I do not like the new system at all. I use to check the old system daily and now I don't go into it at all (other than the 2 or 3 times I attempted to make heads or tails of it). I would think this has affected hits on the site dramatically but maybe it is only a few of us. Pretty sure I will never buy or sell on GT again, which eliminates about half of the time I spend on GT.

  3. Any chance of a BASIC sticky showing HOW to leave feedback? I ask as I had to ask the seller how to leave him some after I got the item I bought from him. I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I did manage to get thru 18 years of school with a couple degrees.
  4. How about some rules on misrepresentation of items?
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    +3M,........the search functions of the new Want Ads SUK!
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    The only way I know to leave feedback, which isn't too hard once you've figured it out, is as follows:

    Go to the ad you bought the item from. Or any other ad by that seller.
    Click on their name in the main header box, right under their avatar.
    Scroll down to the feedback box and click.
    Leave feedback.

    It does not appear to allow any good way for the seller to leave feedback about a buyer though, unless the buyer has a for sale ad somewhere themselves.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Sort by zip is really frustrating.

    Page 1 = no zip code.
    Page 5 = 1000 miles away.
    Page 50 = 1000 miles away.
    Page 92 = 1000 miles away.

    Why pay astronomical shipping charges if I can get the same thing locally or 30 minutes away. I'll be another one to chime in on the sort by state. If you can make it happen it would be fantastic.
  8. After posting an ad the option to delete ad should not be available.

    especially after members have posted on the sale item

    This has led to shady deals.

    If the op chooses not to sell for whatever reason, they can state so in the ad.

    of simply state 'withdrawn' in the title
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    Would be nice to have an "Ammunition and Reloading" section instead of lumping it in with "Holsters and Accessories".
  10. I agree with Freakshow10mm we need a Ammunition and reloading section. Wasn't there one awhile ago, I remember posting and buy from it?
  11. Mr T

    I go to and what I like there would be very helpful here. An EASLY seen and accessed area that is a feedback sections for people selling and those that buy. with a star system of approval. Its very easy to navigate and get a quick accessment of who one is dealing with. It forces sellers and buyers to be reliable, responsible, promotes comaraderie, and respect. Thank you

  12. Im with Mr T, a new feedback sections that you can leave feedback on either buying or selling, basically an official buyer feedback thread.

    The format will be as follows:

    Buyer or Seller:
    Buyer or Seller's Forum Name:
    Item(s) Purchased:
    Amount of Purchase (optional):
    Seller/Buyer Rating(1-10):
    Further Comments:
  13. Maybe I did not see it, but how about being able to jump to a specific page rather than scrolling through seven or eight pages at a time?
  14. 10-4! Sorting by zip code doesn't do diddly when zip codes aren't required.

    So either require zip codes, BUT SORTING BY STATE would be so much more effective since the firearm sale laws change at the State lines.

    It would also be very helpful and appreciated if anyone would READ these suggestions and please respond!!!

    Eric... are you out there? :wavey:
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