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  1. Tested their new stuff today. Some of the strongest 10mm and .44 Magnum I have shot to date. Very nice ammo too!

    These numbers should top the list out of Ruger Redhawk 7.5" barrel:

    PBR Ammo 180gr V-Supreme JHP 1736, 1756, 1822, 1809, 1760. Average = 1776.6 FPS/ 1261.26 LBS. I wish I had taken a video or someone snapped a picture. Muzzle blast and fire-ball like no other!
    PBR Ammo 200gr V-Supreme JHP 1686, 1662, 1713. Average = 1687 FPS/ 1263.61 LBS. Big blast and flash!
    PBR Ammo 240gr V-Supreme JHP 1531, 1535, 1505, 1516. Average = 1521.75 FPS/ 1233.81 LBS.
    PBR Ammo 300gr V-Supreme JHP 1303, 1320, 1315, 1301, 1283, 1314. Average = 1306 FPS/ 1135.95 LBS

    I do believe these are closest to the stongest I have shot so far including Buffalo Bore.

    .44 Magnum data:

    And 10mm today:

    (Match 4.75" Barrel)
    PBR Ammo Premium Line 200gr JHP 1235, 1277, 1278, 1290, 1291. Average = 1274.2 FPS/ 720.87 LBS. Snappy stuff here!
    PBR Ammo Premium Line 180gr FMJ V-Supreme 1344, 1334, 1344, 1306, 1351. Average = 1335.8 FPS/ 713.03 LBS. Another strong one. Also the end of Match testing because it appears the rear sight saved me from the last piece of brass by taking a direct hit. It's a two-piece now!

    (S&W 1006 5" Barrel)
    PBR Ammo 180gr FMJ V-Supreme 1399, 1385, 1308, 1360, 1376. Average = 1365.6 FPS/ 745.20 LBS
    PBR Ammo 165gr FMJ V-Supreme 1386, 1385, 1393, 1395, 1386. Average = 1389 FPS/ 706.71 LBS
    PBR Ammo 200gr FMJ V-Supreme 1266, 1262, 1293, 1303, 1302. Average = 1285.2 FPS/ 733.37 LBS
    PBR Ammo 180gr Premium Line JHP 1326, 1341, 1318, 1332, 1332. Average = 1329.8 FPS/706.64 LBS
    PBR Ammo 200gr Premium Line JHP 1260, 1274, 1235, 1291, 1253. Average = 1262.6 FPS/ 707.80 LBS

    10mm data:

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  3. Discount code if you want to order:

    PBR Ammo

    10% discount code: JA-DSC-1

  4. Good looking ammo in new Starline brass
  5. Are you shilling for this co.? :whistling:
  6. Intercooler is on glocktalk!

  7. Question: What is the difference between their premium line and the value line?
  8. SCmasterblaster

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    Thank you for the chrono data!
  9. What is shilling?

    Is that spreading information and real data? If so, yes.

    I have been testing 10mm ammo and other ammo calibers for a few years now trying to see what is what. It's still an on-going process but their aren't a ton of true 10mm makers out there. Some of the ones that had a good product figured they could then crank the price into nobody can afford it land. Then you have a couple of others that the loading was backed off or they played bullet-switcheroo. I personally don't care what anyone buys because it's their choice for performance, price and comfort level. I just want to smoke out as many options as possible!

    The Value line is once fired brass from what I gather. It seems to never be in stock from what I see.

    Their are a few more new 10 MFG's I want to test but Winter is here and my Witness has a two-piece sight plus I need to put some new parts in my Chrony.
  10. Anyway, like I said on the other forum, I appreciate all you do to promote the 10mm.
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  12. Shilling = Finch for Shamwow:wavey:
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    Correction - Intecooler
  14. Registration got messed up. Think it was taken anyway.
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    You mean the first "r" in intercooler?
  16. Yeah I checked. There already is an Intercooler with an "R."
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    So you are stuck with one r. :upeyes:
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  18. Stinks becuse I don't know how much the other member posts. I've never seen him post before.
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    i thought that was a form of brittish money, you know, quid, shilling, pents, pound,
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    He/she is probably gone or dead.

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