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  1. I was reading another thread about lights and realized I do not know much about them. If money was not an issue which is the best light for a Glock? I was originally looking at the Streamlight TLR-2, but I do not know if I need the laser. James Yeager says Surefire is the way to go, but then he says a lot thing if you know what I mean :) I value his opinions, but I realize he is not the last word on tactics. So would you buy the Streamlight TLR-1 or the Surefire X300 or something completely different? Why? The purpose of the light is home protection, and I will be training with it.

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  3. ArrowJ,

    I can tell you that I bought the Streamlight TLR-1 a few years ago for my G19, this is what I keep in the nightstand next to the bed.

    The box says you should get 2.5 hrs of "regulated Runtime", I got at least 1 hr more out of mine. Fits like a glove on my 9mm, finger toggle switch is very easy to operate and right where it needs to be for both right or left handed ppl. It will certainly light up the room & blind whoever is unfortunate enough to have this light turned on in their eyes.

    I keep this light on when I take this gun to the range about once per week and run around 100 rounds or so through it. I have never had any problem with it coming loose or not working afterwards. While attached to my G19 I have dropped it in the dirt, tossed it on a table and shot with it in the pouring rain.

    Bottom line... The one thing I can say about my Streamlight is that it works! Given a choice - I would buy another one, It's well worth the money.

    [ame=""] Streamlight TLR-1S Rail Mounted Tactical with Strobe: Home Improvement@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

  4. Take your pick, both will do the job and do the job well.

    Streamlights seem to be priced a bit more reasonably. I have half a dozen.
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  5. What are your thoughts on buying a light with a laser? Gimmick or a good thing to have? I was just on the Surefire website and found the new X300 Ultra with 500 lumens...holy crap!
  6. ArrowJ,

    I am not a big fan of "laser lights" on your SD handgun; they just seem to be more of an expensive gimmick than a real asset. I have found that in a self defense situation you only have seconds (if that) to react, certainly not enough time to flick on a laser - acquire a target and send one down the barrel. Now on a tactical rifle where you may have a bit more time perhaps there.

    I know others will disagree with me on this and that is fine. Because if you practice hard enough with whatever you have, you will become proficient with it.

    Save your money on the laser and spend it on some home/self defense instruction. That's money well spent.

    Just my 2 cents.
  7. If money is not an issue definitely x300 Ultra.

    For a great value and a good light...Streamlight.
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  8. If you shop wisely, the new X300 Ultra 500 lumen model can be had for $215-235 to your door. I have one on the way. Should go nicely on a pre-ordered CZ P09 in january..
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  9. You'll love it brother. Agreed on shopping wisely ;)
  10. I keep a TLR-1 on my PPQ in the nightstand. It's an excellent light. I really couldn't justify the extra cost for the Surefire. Streamlight makes good stuff. It's almost too bright. Turning it on at 2:00AM when you've been asleep is enough to blind both the intruder and you! :wow:
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  12. Here's an outside comparison between the standard x300 and the Ultra

  13. WoW:eek: very bright

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  14. I've never used the TLR. I love the 300x on rifles but dont like it's paddle operation when mounted on a pistol platform. FWIW, I love the Insight WX 150 for pistols. IMO, it's better suited for pistols than the SF, has a strobe feature and can be found for around $150 NIB.
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  15. Explain shopping wisely? I couldn't even find the older version for that price unless I'm thinking wrong. Gun stuff doesn't usually pop up on sites I look at deals for.

    EDIT: Wow, where the hell was I looking? I just found it for $209 in less than 10 seconds. I must be remembering wrong.
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  16. There you shipping too ;)
  17. I've got two TLRs, a "1" and a "1s". Both are great. One rode my duty gun for a while with no issues. Personally, I can't imagine ever wanting a brighter light on a pistol. If anything, it's occasionally too bright. The light would be perfect for me with an additional mode at 50-60 lumens or so. One of my TLRs is currently on my patrol rifle and it's easily bright enough for target identification out to 100 yards. I have several handheld lights in the 500-800 lumen range and I can tell you from direct experience turning one on indoors with your eyes adjusted to complete darkness is NOT a good thing, at least not for me. Outdoors, game on.
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    Love my TLR-1s!!
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    I was wrong.
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  20. No it's not
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  21. For inside use, 500 lumens from an X300 Ultra is overkill IMO. On light colored walls, you will get a lot more reflected light, which can adversely affect the shooters night vision. Outside is a different story however. The X300 is 170 lumens and slightly smaller. The TLR 1 seems a better value given it's lower cost if you are not in a combat situation but doing night stand duty. As mentioned, look at Insight Tech lights as well. Good quality, reasonable price. I have an Insight M6X light/laser combo on my G29SF and it's a good piece of gear. I have an X300 on another Glock 20SF with Crimson Trace LG's..

    I've attached a comparison of the Surefire lights.
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