Story: Of the 8th Cavalry in Iraq

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    I just skimmed a few of the pages...that is more good stuff...

    I'm going to ask this be made a sticky... It needs to stay around...

  2. Awesome vids. Thanks for posting!! ^c
  3. I know that the thread is almost two months old, but this unit, Delta Co, 1st Bn, 8th Cav is now in New Oleans cocked and locked.

    They and the rest of the second brigade, 1st Cav and 3d Brigade,82d ABN are there as security and rescue.
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    No matter where they are.... GOD BLESS THEM! and all those that choose to serve and let me slip into bed every night and sleep peacefully.

  5. They're making me proud to have been in the 1/8th Cav, 86 thru 89 sure does make my time look way easy.


    Todd out
  6. I was in 3/8Cav.....The good ol' days.....
  7. My brother was a sniper in the 3/7 Cav., 3rd ID. He was in OIF1 & OIF3, he was there from the very beginning at the tip of the spear all the way to Baghdad. It's really great to see some other Cavalry guys on this forum, GARRY OWEN!
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    Me too.

    Mustangs :patriot:

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