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Storm Lake barrel: Chamber too tight!

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by domestique, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. domestique


    Sep 21, 2010

    Background: I have been a long time M&P/1911 guy andrecently joined the dark side by buying my first Glock… So far I am notimpressed.

    Stopped at Cabelas and brought home a new Glock 20SF. So far I have nothing but bad luck with thispistol.

    I bought a box of 200 grain PMC to function test (will berolling my own otherwise). Out of the 50I had 2 failure to return to battery (no limp wristing). Now this was before I cleaned her for thefirst time and I have since replaced the recoil rod and spring with aftermarketsteel setup, and wiped all of Glock’s “gold grease” off of the slide rails.

    Main problem:

    I also bought a 4.6” Storm Lake barrel (to shoot 200 grainWFNGC bullets). The barrel arrived andlock up is perfect, gorgeous machining, everything looks great. Go to chamber a round (more PMC) and thebullet gets half way into the chamber and stops. I have to wrestle the bullet out and than Itry to just drop a bullet into the barrel when the barrel isfieldstripped. Again, nothing! Thebullet only gets half way into the chamber before it gets stuck.

    Has anyone else had this trouble before? Part of me wants totry another storm lake barrel as maybe I got a fluke or try a KKM instead.

    Caliber measures 0.427

  2. G29SFWTF


    Aug 3, 2012
    Just to clarify, does it fail to feed with the stock G20 barrel?

    This is anecdotal but I see many more posts about problems with Storm Lake and Lone Wolf and few with KKM. I have a KKM for my G29 and it worked first time and every time. Same story for my two KKM G19, one threaded with comp and one standard length.

  3. domestique


    Sep 21, 2010
    Stock barrel, everything feeds fine, I can actually rattle the round around in the chamber!

    Edit: Glock barrel measures 0.436
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  4. G29SFWTF


    Aug 3, 2012
    yeah that sounds like a glock chamber alright.

    Might not be that the SL chamber itself on the is too tight but that the transition shoulder from ramp to chamber needs polishing. Storm Lake might offer to do this to make it right.

    Edit: sorry I just re-read your post. If the round is factory load and it gets stuck half way in even when manually feeding it outside the gun then that's clearly a chamber problem.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  5. Yondering


    Dec 3, 2011
    If you had trouble with that ammo in the stock barrel, it's no surprise that it doesn't work in the tighter Storm Lake barrel. Sounds like an ammo problem, try something else, not PMC.
  6. domestique


    Sep 21, 2010
    I apologize if I was unclear, but I said the stock barrel feeds fine. The bullets actually rattle around from being loose. The storm lake barrel is way too tight
  7. ds7br


    May 10, 2012
    So far (565 rounds) my Storm Lake has fired all the ammo I've fed it. Win, Fed, Speer, and all my handloads. Yes, the Storm Lake barrel is tight chambered compared to the factory one. Give them a call and see what they have to say/offer. You may in fact have gotten one that is a touch to tight.
  8. Mine wasn't as bad as yours.
    I could easily slide a cartridge into my field stripped Storm lake barrel.
    If a new factory round won't even go in all the way, I'd contact Storm Lake.

    In my case.
    I got a Storm lake 10mm 6.02" barrel for my Glock 20 last month.
    It would sometimes jam up with the cartridge part way into the chamber.

    To fix it, I polished the chamber and feed ramp, and slightly rounded the edge of the transition from the feed ramp to the chamber.
    Go easy on the edge rounding until it feeds without problem.
    It didn't hardly take any to fix mine.

    I also polished the outside of the barrel to a semi-mirror finish.
    I was told that if I run my fingernail over it and feel ridges that this can cause wear to the Glock slide.

    It now works great, with a much more supported chamber
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  9. domestique


    Sep 21, 2010
    Thanks for the insight everyone. I emailed glockmeister, who I bought it from. I'll see what they say, I'm hoping I can just return it for a refund.

    In the meantime I ordered a KKM from the factory. Worst case I'll have to deal directly with storm lake and will just sell which ever barrel I dislike the most.
  10. alank2


    May 24, 2004

    My SL barrel came with a slightly tight chamber too, but that is one of the reasons I wanted it. With a little polishing it works perfectly now. I know SL will polish it for you if you send it to them.

    Good luck,

  11. ^^^^^^

    This. I sent it to SL for a polish job. No problems since.
  12. oceanbob


    Jun 26, 2010