Stock for Mossberg 500. Suggestions?

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  1. How do you plan on operating the safety?

  2. Seems like i didn't do enough reading. Enlighten me.
  3. Because Mossbergs use a tang mounted safety, you can't reach it with a pistol grip stock without completely removing your hand from firing position.
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    Not to mention most ATI products in my experience are very cheaply made.

    Some appear to have improved, but the majority i've seen since about 2001-2002 are junk.

    I have a 500 and use a Hogue Overmold stock. Grippy, good recoil reduction and fits correctly. Having had sweaty hands on a long gun before, this is a good thing.
  5. Who uses a safety on a pump shotgun?
  6. If you're not, then I would say you are doing something wrong.
  7. I do.:wavey:
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    I have a Bantam factory wood stock with skateboard grip tape on the grip. I'd use a polymer one, but the wood is what it came with, and I haven't had the need or desire to replace it.

    After a few experiences with their equipment, I wouldn't touch anything made by ATI with a 10' pole.

    Also, if you're not using the safety, you're doing it wrong.
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  9. I've heard nothing but bad from ati
  10. A few personal notes from my experience:

    #1 I have an ATI six-position stock that has been flawless for years.

    #2 I can put the safety on/off AND fire the gun. It can be done, just not a standard grip.

    #3 My approach is that under stress/duress, I put the safety off and leave it off. I have no problem putting my hand in whatever position necessary to operate the safety because I will not be doing that again until I feel it is safe to put the gun down. If it is not safe to do that, it is not safe to have the safety off.
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  11. I like my blackhawk with the knoxx recoil stuff. Makes it a *****cat.
  12. +1. not on a defense pump. although I use the safety for hunting.
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    People with actual training, and/or who've been in dangerous places with guns.

    Real easy to put a round in your teammate's back, and even with armor on, he won't appreciate that.

    Muzzle discipline and trigger discipline go hand in hand, but mistakes happen. On target OFF SAFE. Off target, ON SAFE except in a very few instances.

    One reason the conventional stock and Mossberg work well together.
  14. I will agree - the conventional stock is well suited to Mossberg.
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    Personally, I am waiting to see if Magpul is going to introduce there new stocks for Mossbergs at the shot show, the ones they did for the 870 look rather promising.
  16. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter is the OEM for the Mossberg 930 pistol grip stocks they sell on their guns. I have one and yes, the safety is not as easy as my 11-87, but it can be done. The trade off for me is if I need to shoot one handed, I can do it easier. That's bad as it means I have been hit and am incapacitated partially.

    BTW, Choate Machine & Tool is a sponsor of this website and all their stuff is made in the USA and has a lifeftime warranty.
  17. If you're outfitting a defensive shotty, think Hogue 12" l.o.p. LOVE it. Best mod ever for a cqb Mossberg.
  18. Depends what kind of training. LEO? Probably safety on. Mil? No way in hell you walk into danger with the safety on, target identified or not.
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    Manual safeties are made for people who don't know enough to keep their finger OFF of the trigger 'till READY to shoot.

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