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  1. Anyone around the Louisville area do any stippling?? I am looking to have one of my glocks stipple and undercut trigger guard. Any suggestions, really don't want to send it off somewhere so I was trying to find someone around me. Thanks!

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  2. Stippling is easily done with a soldering iron & some patience. It takes less than 30min to do an entire GLock.

  3. Yes I know what it is and how to do it but I have a condition where my hands shake and I cannot do it. Just looking for someone to do it for me.
  4. Shoot, took me an hour to do my gen 4. I suck!
  5. I can do it for you...while you wait!! I live Cincinnati, about 2 hrs from you.
  6. Also check this site on FB- 'Signal Zero Weapon Enhancements'. He did my CCW G36. I have no financial involvement here- I just feel when you find craftmanship in any area you should acknowledge it and pass it on- take a look at his picts- youll be impressed. I have better control and faster reaquire, and he's a gent

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