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  1. Just ordered my STI spartan. It should be in Friday and I have to say I am excited to be back in the 1911 game. Had to sell my last one an that left me with two glocks an I have gotten tired of shooting them. Anyone have any tips for breaking it in? Or what parts are a must to replace?

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    Clean, lube, shoot, enjoy, repeat.

    Replace parts when and if they break.

  3. Just shoot it. The Spartan is outstanding.

    Congrats! :cool:
  4. Gotta like the Spartan, nice pick up. :thumbsup:
  5. Congrats! Mine was great straight out of the box. Excellent trigger and accuracy. They have no particular break in requirements, but I would stick with 230 FMJ for the first few hundred rounds. I wouldn't replace anything (except perhaps the grip panels) until you've put several hundred rounds through it. Then you'll be in a position to know what you might not like.
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  6. That was my thought exactly. The STI SPARTAN is a fine shooting 1911. You should enjoy it a great deal. I know from experience. :supergrin:

  7. For me, I had to ditch the full-length guide rod, and replace it with an Ed Brown standard guide rod and plug (easier dis-assembly), then the magazine catch needed to be just a bit longer, so Ed Brown part again (easier mag changes). Finally, the plastic MSH had to go so I used a serrated one from EMC (personal taste). Grips were the last thing I changed on mine (personal taste again).


  8. Ya I am a huge Ed brown guy so I am thinking at some point the trigger mag release and a different color front optic. Being color blind makes it hard to see a red fiber optic on an orange target.

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  9. You could have gotten an identical armscor for less. STI has nothing to do with the spartan...and they don't give a crap how they work. Ask me via PM if you want to know how I know.

    They cared more about how quickly I could slap on an STI sticker than test firing them, for one.
  10. Thanks for raining on the parade, but if you can't post about it on an open forum, it appears to be more hear-say than facts. :whistling:

    It's hard for me to imagine a company, any company, allowing the use of their brand without any input or control over that product.

    So, if you have facts, please share.
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  11. Oops-I thought this was a car thread. Go EVO! Hehe.
  12. Cough cough...Mustang....cough

    One of my buddies has a Spartan in 9mm and has run great for him, no broken parts and no problems.
  13. Grips is the only change I made, I use Pachmyar now!
  14. I'm also a little color blind and red fibre optic sights SUCK for me, but, it takes less than a minute to remove the old fibre, and melt in a new one. You're going to want to keep some spare fiber anyway, because even if you don't break, or lose it, over time they get nasty from the muzzle blast.:wow:
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    i would expect more from an employee owned company

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