STI vs Springfield 3"

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Big Bore Fan, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. I'm looking into buying a 3" .45 for carry and have narrowed my choices down to STI Escort or Springfield micro. I just wanted to get some opinions on these from some of you who may know more than I do. Any reliability issues? How are the warranties? Thanks for the help.

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    both will work, the STI has less MIM if that matter's.
    both have good customer service.

  3. TSAX


    Which one feels better in your hands and did you shoot better?
  4. Yep, long story short I highly recommend the Shadow and it is my EDC. I would have no problem carrying the Escort, either. I have four STI 1911s and haven't needed their CS yet, but I've yet to hear anything bad about their service.


  5. Double post.

    Since I had to edit this, I will add that for carry I would have swapped out the TAS sights on my Escort for the Heinie straight 8 night sights I have on the Shadow since I seem to pick those up faster visually.
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  6. I've only had the opportunity to fondle the Springfield. STI's are not very common in my neck of the woods. I'm leanIng to the STI so I thought I would get some opinions first.
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    You can't go wrong with STI.

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