Steyr Maintenance Tutorial

Discussion in 'Steyr Club' started by DAIadvisor, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Levan

    Levan simple man

    wow Adviser you did a greta job. Yhank you. I will print this out.
    waitin for part two;Q

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  2. DougK

    Would you show me that again? I missed it the first time. Just Kidding. Great primer

  3. Thanks! Much better than the Steyr manual. Just purchased my first (M40-A1) yesterday. We'll see how it compares to the "other" Austrian pistol - of which I have six! Cheers.
  4. Anytime. Glad you like it. I absolutely love Steyr M series, and think it's one of the more interesting handguns on the market. Enjoy it, and post a range report and pics sometime. Also, check out - lots of good info and resources. Take care and welcome to the club. :)
  5. Yes...I have been on the Steyr Club site for awhile now, doing some pre-purchase investigating. Certainly not new to guns (first; S&W Model 10 in 1973), and am intrigued by the Steyr's design features.

    Found the M40-A1 new at a local gun shop for $509 NIB at that was that! First one I had seen in any gun store anywhere, so thought I'd better buy it. Really like the erg's, and the smooth trigger pull.

    Out to the range, when time and weather allows.

  6. DAI- thank you for the info on how to clean your Steyr. For some reason I can't see your pics? Would love to see them.... Thanks

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