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  1. Recently bought a glock 17 and was at first interested in truglos or night sights but realized i was never really going to be shooting in pitch black dark. Decided to go with Steel factory replacement sights and I will be going to a local dealer to have them installed. Any opinions? Really think that steel was a better choice for the 35 dollar price altogether instead of 120 bucks and if a truglo were to break you have to buy a whole new set i think. just costly.
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  3. I can't remember how many presentations it took Chuck Taylor to wear out the original factory front sight on his 17, but I agree with you on your decision.

  4. You might consider fiber-optic...I use FiberRod (green) front sight from AmeriGlo...stock rear, except bottom horizontal bar blacked out, so I have 2 white squares on the rear and a bright green front sight between them.

    Like you, I concluded that I will not likely be shooting in pitch darkness, and the fiber-optic will glow with any (even dim) light...great for the range. I did install tritium front sight, and actually found it harder to see in bright/dim light

    My $0.02...
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  5. Stock sights are fine if you don't want to spend too much!

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