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Steel Plate Shooting at Griffin Gun Club

Discussion in 'The Georgia Club' started by Njanear, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Njanear

    Njanear Nagant-ophile

    Jul 20, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    Just wanted to post that if you live in the South Metro Atlanta area and want to try a little Steel plate shooting, you need to check out (hosted at the Griffin Gun Club). They host a Steel plate shoot on the 1st Saturday of most months - it costs $15 for the first gun and an extra 5$ for a 2nd gun (limit of 2), AND kids and ladies get to shoot FREE. :cool: You shoot at 5 stages, with 5 strings of 5 plates each (they keep the best 4 strings for the final score) - see the site for the scoring.

    I have only ever shot one competition before (GSSF at Canton 2 weeks ago) and really enjoyed it - while there, I met Glenn and he told me about this (which is only 22 miles from the house). How could I not try it out? Well, my 9YO and I mounted up this morning and went to give it a try with a friend. Talk about a pretty nice shoot. No rain showed up and the sun kept playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds (so it was warm but not blistering). My son was a true first-timer (had only fired a Ruger Bearcat 2 times before this try) and chose my NEOS 6in. over the Ruger MkII 5.5in. Bull. That heavy-for-him pistol wore him down by the 5th stage but he did fairly well - I am very proud of him. :supergrin: Of course, I only had 2 mags for it, so I was busy shoving the mags full of .22 ammo as he was shooting just to keep him going.

    I chose to just shoot my G34 and was doing OK until the 4th stage - when I started missing targets on the 4th string and quickly noticed that my front sight was flapping in the wind (seems that the little bit of Red LocTite that I put on it was not enough :faint:). Anyhow, I finished the rest of the strings (throwing a few more shots) and then asked a fellow Glock Shooter (who happened to be the husband of Team Glock's own Randi Rogers, who was also shooting with us :cool:) if he had a sight driver I could borrow. Of course, he did have one up in his car and was kind enough to walk up the field and let me borrow it.

    All in all, I need some more improvement before I get in the money BUT this was way better practice than riding all the way to Charlie Elliot and punching paper. I will be doing this every chance I get - so come on by and join them at the next shoot. It was also an honor to get to see Randi shoot (and her husband is no slouch either :wow:), and to see all types of other shooters out there (moms, kids, police officers, etc.). It was $15 well spent!!!