States with NO High Cap Mags?

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  1. Could somone list the States that are NOT allowed to have High Capacity Magazines.

    I was on NRA site and FBI and couldnt find anywhere of all the states listed.

    I know of CA, IL, NY, NJ, CO, HI, MA, Washington DC.

    If there is a more complete list that would be great.

    Also some citites inside States should just be included as a whole State.

    This would be an updated High Cap Outlaw as of this date.

    Thanks Alot!:cool:

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  2. I don't know about the rest of your list, but IL allows high capacity magazines. Only Cook County does not.

  3. Thats fine

    Even if its just one city , you can include the whole State.
  4. What I would do is go to a online retailer like MidwayUSA or Natchez and see who they restrict sales to. I would think they would be up on the laws.
  5. From Natchez web site

    We CAN NOT ship High Capacity Magazines to California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Jersey & New York
  6. In CA you can have them just as long s you owned them in state prior to our ban. There is a gray area that has not been tested in court, known as rebuild kits, essentially mags brought in after the ban but disassembled.
  7. JohnnyReb

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    In Maryland you can not buy or transfer magazines with more then 20 rounds. Not illegal to possess though.

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  8. its amazing how many people don't know that
  9. New Jersey's limit is 15 rounds, which is both good and bad news. We do have a politician trying to take us down to 5 rounds, if you can believe it.
  10. There's a gray area on mags in Ohio. If a weapon can fire "more than 31 rounds without reloading, it's a machine gun" under state law. Even though you can buy things like 33 round Glock mags, AK drums, and Beta Mags in Ohio, you cannot load more than 30 rounds in them. Companies like AIM Surplus will not sell > 30 round mags to Ohio residents.
  11. Like you posted, these are all the ones I know of. CA, IL, NY, NJ, CO, HI, MA, Washington DC. The site lists more info on specific cities.
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  13. byf43

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    To expound on this:
    Maryland states that you cannot -
    Offer to buy

    Offer to sell

    Offer to give

    Offer to trade

    Offer to manufacture

    You can:
    Go into any other state, where "Standard Capacity" (aka/ hi-capacity) magazines are sold or offered for sale, and purchase as many as you can afford and physically carry back into the state, legally!!!!!

    For example - I can drive a tractor-trailer truck into Virginia, and purchase and fill that trailer, and bring it back into Maryland and LEGALLY own those magazines.

    Maryland. "The Free State".:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  14. JohnnyReb

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    I try and pick up some 30 rounders every time I cross the bridge.

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  15. byf43

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    Gunshow in Chantilly this weekend!!!

  16. When you say high capacity mags, you sound like a liberal anti. The correct term is 'standard capacity magazines' ;).
  17. JohnnyReb

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    That's usually a good show, but with all this madness going on, I'm going to skip this one.

    I just know its going to be crazy.

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  18. byf43

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    A friend of mine said that he went to the show in Fredericksburg, last weekend, and that P-Mags were going for $100.00 each!!!
    (And being sold at that price!!):faint:
  19. LOL,, so true.

    Thanks guys for your help.

    I came across some Pmags and snatched them up.

    Thinking of it as buying Peony Stocks and seeing what shakes out here with the AWB.

    Guy recently said they were going for $100 at a guy show,, and I also have seen 33 rd Glock mags for for $112 on Ebay
  20. do you mean standard capasity magazines like a G17's 17 rounder or a high cap one like its 33 rounder?

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