State of the Art in 9mm ammo?

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  1. the Fed 115 +p is a great load, and does have the highest street creed, as I earlier stated, well far as I have researched. not many new police/shooting results have been compiled and posted lately, or any that I could find.

    HST, and Win Ranger T loads, undoubtably are better performers. but these newer, high tech bullets still are not "street proven" like the old school Fed 115 load. Jello tests aside, real world tests speak volumes. gel is close, but not tissue.

    one interesting thing to consider however is this article that interpretates the fbi jel test, and calculates a "bang for your buck" ratio.
    the fed 115 gr load is here, as others and various calibers.

    the total wound volume per second, 6 step defensive calculation process is a very ingenious indeed. harking back to the motto, shoot the biggest gun you can handle.

    heres the link....

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  2. :popcorn:

  3. Well nothing fantastic here but the last 4 Lethal GSW I've seen(all 9mm)... all 4 were DRT.
  4. If you guys promise to keep argueing I will visit caliber corner more often.
  5. i don't shoot people wearing four pairs of jeans. most of those folks are institutionalized.
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    Actually the HST is getting quite a good streed cred as you put it with the agency that are using it. The 147 grain 9mm is doing very well.
  7. hmmm... win RA9MMJHP, dont think Ive seen that before.

    1225 fps, 383ft/lbs. from, looks like a basic hollow point, not SXT or T series from what I can make out of that pic. So I imagine performance similar to WWB, maybe a bit faster... :dunno:
    which is not bad, WWB is a solid SD performer in every offering, for the price.
  8. What are the people wearing that you usually shoot? Do you have a preference? What about hats? How do you feel about those wearing a fez? With or without a tassle?
  9. I respect this is an old thread but figured would toss in my opinion.
    Have seen many other members mention the Federal 147gr HST for 9mm. I keep the magazines for my wife's G19 loaded with the 147gr HST.
    I carry the 180gr HST .40 cal in my G23 with a secondary magazine loaded with Spear Gold Dot 165gr Duty Ammo.

    Both the 9mm HST and the .40 HSTs are LEO loads (hotter than normal for those not knowing the difference). The Gold dots too are LEO loads.

    I did a comparison in the desert a few weeks ago using the Gold Dot and the HST in my G23. I lined up three 1 gallon milk jugs filled with shredded paper and water for each test round.

    The 180gr HST exploded the first jug, went through the second tearing it up then stopped against the back inside of the third. I recovered the round, a perfect flower.

    The 165gr Gold Dot hit low to the left but still hit the first jug. It caused a lot of damage, no question there, tore into the second then stopped halfway through the third jug. Was not as impressed with the flowering but still, did damage.

    Next, grabbed some plywood, shot each round, neither asked questions. Both went innto then caused a nice exit on someone's discarded old mini-fridge but the HST performed stronger.

    I look forward to getting my wife's G19 out there soon. Will have the 147gr HST LEO load; 127gr +p+ Ranger T LEO (RA9TA) and Winchester PDX1 Defender 9mm rounds.

    She enjoys the 147gr rounds due to the recoil being more of a push instead of snappy as is found with the lighter rounds.

    Take care everyone.
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  10. At the moment I favor 124-grain Federal HST +P for my 3.6" barrel 9mm pistol. Another round I would really like to test --- and has shown stellar results in controlled gel tests --- is the Remington 124-grain Golden Saber +P Bonded. I have some but due to the ammo shortage am afraid to shoot what I have for fear of not being able to replace it. I have more than a half dozen other premium JHP rounds I wouldn't worry carrying, for that matter.

    If you want to dispense with the worries about having an adequate round for a short barrel pistol then buy a Glock G-33 and load up with Speer Gold Dot, Remington Golden Saber Bonded, Federal HST, or Hornady XTP.
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  12. Have you visited yet? Another member had posted about the link a while back. Since then I have managed to source my preferred SD ammo at more than fair prices, just need to watch for deals. I also made some purchases of Federal .40 180gr HST LEO rounds on from sellers not looking to gouge buyers.

    I'd enjoy finding 147gr fmj for reasonable prices since that is the main load my wife carries in her G19 as HST though. Rather her practice with the same grain and power fmj as she has in her SD rounds yah know?
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    I'll stick with my 9mmP 115gr JHP+p+. 1400 FPS from my G17.

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