State Dept had credible information 48 hours before attack

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Cavalry Doc, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Valerie Jarrett has more security than a US Diplomat assigned to one of the most dangerous posts on the planet.

    Where's Featherlicker when you need her?

    Happyguy :)

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  3. G19G20

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    These things happen for a reason. After numerous examples you have to dismiss incompetence as the reason. Id like to know if that site EVER had Marines (if not, it's not a diplomatic's a black site) and if so, when were they removed?
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    Been staying up late with George Noory again I see. :rofl:
  5. G19G20

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    Yep, nailed it.

    Benghazi "embassy" is a CIA black site. Confirmed by Fox News.

    Still sound like tinfoil Cav?
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    If you expect anyone here to pretend this is what you were talking about, when we can all actually read what you said... Well, stop pretending.
  7. G19G20

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    Im trying to keep this story alive. It's a BFD because this is media coverage (with damage control) over the real blowback that occurs from the US govt foreign policy. There's still a lot about this incident that hasn't come out. It's been over a month since it happened and the truth is slowly coming out now and it has a lot to do with the CIA and what happens in response to what they do.

    Keep watching this story. Lord knows Im the only one updating on it now here.

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