Starting to get frustrated.

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  1. Oh sure they are! Liberals are the biggest hypocrits on just about everything. What we should do is ban the Dem/socialist/communist/progressive parties. That would probably improve things 100% across the planet.:upeyes:

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    Joe McCarthy tried and he got shut down. The FBI has files on all the Kommie actors and such. Trouble is......the crazies are running the nut house.

  3. BobbyS

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    I agree!

    I will say it again. Have we seen thousands upon thousands of people getting gunned down every year by the hundeds of thousands of vets that have PTSD? NO!

    That dog don't hunt!
  4. Well, the Chris Kyle shooting doesn't support the idea that PTSD victims are safe to hang with. Of course it's an individual situation and I certainly don't have any solution to the problem.,0,4399993.story

    I don't think the military does near enough to support the people they have damaged. For decades they have denied that there was a problem.

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    The Chris Kyle tragedy was an isolated event. If all vets with PTSD were really psycho whack jobs, we would see thousands of shootings each year.
  6. :shocked: Now that's some light reading, there!
  7. I totally agree!

    But the thing is, it brings the issue of PTSD to the headlines and once something makes headlines, well, elected officials feel like they have to do something.

    The headlines of the Sandy Hook event are driving gun control. Looked at in the abstract, violent crime is actually decreasing. More guns actually has produced less crime. But that concept doesn't make headlines.

    The headlines of the Chris Kyle event are going to drive the way people think about PTSD. Right or wrong, that's the way it works.

  8. I worked in the media/broadcast industry and unfortunately the adage "If it bleeds, it leads." is so very true. Cute, human interest stories are nice - but they don't sell advertiser's air time. "News" is often based on cheap sensationalism - shock value.
  9. Do you say this from experience as a practicing physician, or are you just talking out of your ass?
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    I like talking out of my *****. But you can probably do some research and find that my ass speaks the truth. :supergrin:
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  12. I did a little reasearch on this. I di NOT know there are like over 100 diff meds for mental illness. The people perscribing have no real idea what will work & what will not, it's pure hit & miss, & some of the combos can make the mental illness worse.
    A company has recently started using brain scan data to actually target meds for mentally ill folks & get it closer to reallity for them. PTSD was one of the motivators of this new process. So we keep out fingers crossed that it is break thru for the vets in aprticular, but for all people suffering mental illness. It IS the problem, not guns.
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    Yep, that's why I said they do more harm then good, and ONLY psychiatrist should be able to subscribe to patients. Regulaur doctors don't have a clue, or the time to monitor them. Its all going to get worse before better under OBUMERCARE..:faint:
  14. EL_NinO619

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    I am not doctor google, he ask, I posted a link for him to reference.
  15. I have extensive experience dealing with psychiatrists/psychologists.... Of the ones I dealt with, almost without fail, they all believe everyone can be "fixed"... if they can just figure out their problem and medicate them properly.

    Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.
  16. That is the point, even the Psychs are educated guessing what meds will work for that exact condition. There are over 100 diff meds for mental illness. This new process using old schoold brain scan technology is getting it narrowed down so the patient gets proper meds & not something that makes it worse.
  17. A local shop has small Magnum pistol primers in stock, but NOTHING else primer wise. I bought a couple K. I'm gonna try a few non-mag loads in smaller calibers ( 9mm specifically, anyone tried this, have any load data?) to see if I get funny pressure signs. If they won't work, I can still load .357 mags with them.

    In 08-9 it took almost a year before you could find a normal supply of primers around where I live, I'm expecting the same or worse this time. :(
  18. I find it a bit strange. Talk of banning assault weapons( what ever that means) and high capacity mags leads to no .22 rimfire and no primers.

    I know people panic and hoard because they are scared. I hope they put as much effort into contacting their elected officials as buying supplies.

    My belief is that supplies will be somewhat tight for a year or so unless congress comes to its senses and and rejects feel good legislation that has no effect on crime and only harms decent law abiding citizens.

    I have a small supply of ammo and components for what I need to do and will not buy items at ripoff prices.

    Fishing is a fun outdoor activity.
  19. Well Dems are talking taxes & fees & license to buy ANY handgun ammo. So buying all you can get now hedges your bets for any future BS legislation. The AWB is just one piece of crap they are pushing, there are dozens more. As previously noted, Dems NEVER miss an opportunity to benefit from other tragedy. Hopefully it goers away quietly, but I am betting not. They will get something out of these attempts, why they are putting up so many. I am betting the over 10rd mags go away, the AR stay & maybe they get some tax/fee increases on ammo. They are learning, although slowly, you can control more thru taxation than legislation.:steamed:
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