Starting to get frustrated.

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Fwdftw, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. G31

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    Well, if you read the comments above, then shame on you. Shame on you for not being rich, and shame on you for not spending your entire disposable budget on primers and powder. Nothing else matters.

    Sounds pretty effing stupid, doesn't it? I thought the same when I read the comments above.

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  2. RMF417

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    Well I am the guy that just got into loading. For Christmas I asked for a press, scale ect. and was very happy on Christmas morning to have recieved most all of it. Just finished buying and setting up my reloading bench, mounted my new press, minus the shell holder, again very excited. Went to the local store to buy some supplies- very disappointed. I guess if things don't get better soon I can always sell a nice new press to one of you guys who have all the supplies. LOL

  3. BobbyS

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    Are the manufacturers not producing?
  4. Taterhead

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    Welcome to the forum, and welcome to reloading. Keep your eyes open. You'll eventually cobble enough components together to get some rounds loaded. Get on backorder lists, get your (local gun store) LGS on speed dial. Know when the LGS gets deliveries and show up. They all seem to be getting some components here and there.

    Starline is a great place to get brass. They will tell you the backorder date, and they have always met or beat the dates. Primers are tough everywhere. Bullets like XTPs are expensive, but they show up at the LGS. A box or two will get you started. You won't be hammering out high-volumes anyway while you are doing your first workups. Powders are hit-and-miss, but again, keep in touch with your LGS.
  5. We are in the same boat, somewhat. I started a couple of months agos. I wanted to get my 100 sq. ft. of room I demanded, from the wife, completely remodeled a room, she say honey we really ought to use this room for a guest bedroom..:crying::crying::crying:, why do you use the other bedroom to do your man thing. However, I luckily picked up 16 pounds of powder, 3k bullets, 5k primers, 3k casings, and a few other odds and ends. I guess I'm good for a while, by the time I rebuild this whole damned house, I might get to reload some.

  6. Pretty much buddy just texted me i picked up 2000 wolf srp

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  7. Do you have any friends that reload? Maybe you can split up an order of 5k or even 10 K if there's enough of you?

    We do group orders 3-6 guys when we order most of the time. Split up what you order and the shipping costs, it helps.
  8. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    Who is rich? I normally keep my shooting budget under #100 a month. All it takes is planning. Every time I use 1K primers I put 2K $ worth of primers in an envelope. Pretty soon I had enough to buy my first 5K order. Now I order 10 to 20 K at a time. If you have a little discipline soon you can make larger orders and save even more money.

    Get a CCR they cost $30. It will save you more than that on your first order with Grafs of PV.

    Talk to guys at you range or IDPA meet. You may find someone willing to let you tag onto their order. After the last election I sold 1K of primers to about 10 guys in my IDPA group so that they could keep shooting. Now if those same guys come back to me this time I will tell them NO! But someone new I would throw a K their way.

    So instead of blaming us for your own short sightedness fix your own sh&%.
  9. Then you are going to have to learn to budget & buy in some bulk, at least primers. As you can see, w/o them, you do not reload. My reserve is 1 yr supply for every siaze I shoot. When I break into that, I order another 5K min. So I am fine on all primer sizes. I have a buddy that I could buy form if I get short when this extend into 2014, & ir will IMO, he is sitting on about 140K in various sizes, mostly SP & LP, but enough SR to keep me in AR ammo for the next 5yrs.:supergrin:
  10. Then you are going to have to learn to budget & buy in some bulk, at least primers. As you can see, w/o them, you do not reload. My reserve is 1 yr supply for every size I shoot. When I break into that, I order another 5K min. So I am fine on all primer sizes. I have a buddy that I could buy from if I get short when this extends into 2014, & it will IMO, he is sitting on about 140K in various sizes, mostly SP & LP, but enough SR to keep me in AR ammo for the next 5yrs.:supergrin:
  11. snowwdog

    snowwdog snowwdog

    it took over a year to have normal supply when he was elected the first time. I see us getting to 2014 with still sporadic supply. Its the .22's that took me by surprise. They were the first thing gone. They were gone so fast i couldn't get them in time and im down to less than 2k. That wont last 2 months and im conserving.
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    MY brother lives in NC,HE has 3 friends that work at the wal-mart distribution center in thier town and I have personally talked to one of them!

    Wal-Mart is sitting on a stockpile of ammo,He says that they have enough ammo in the warehouse to fill 3 tractor trailers.So the ammo is there,Its just being held back,I would suspect the same goes for primers and other components.

    The sports academy store here has shelves full of rifle ammo, except 223,but no pistol.they now have a sign up limit of one box of each caliber,up to 3 boxes! To Little to late I say,the hording has already been done.

    Just my 2cents worth on this!

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  13. IMHO, worse.... in 2008-2009 the US was using tons of ammo every day....the war is not in full swing,
  14. Steel Head

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    Also the stuff you could find last panic,22,40S&W,380 and others are gone this time:dunno:

    I'm super lucky this time,bought a LARGE amount of .22 early 2011 and started reloading a bit before the rush and work is steady this winter so I was able to stock up:supergrin:
  15. meleors

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    So a distribution center that serves hundreds of Walmarts has a paltry 3 trailer fulls of ammo. I would not say that is sitting on a stockpile.
    Do you have any idea how much ammo Walmart usually has in the distribution system?
  16. ron59

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    I agree Fred, that's why I said what I did. 10,000 primers is $270, plus hazmat and shipping. For most that's a years worth of shooting. Credit card or something and take a few months to pay it off?

    If you're not buying in bulk, you're not really saving as much money as you can.
  17. IndyGunFreak

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    I agree, I think this time is definitely worse.
  18. PCJim

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    While we are definitely in the midst of a shortage, there is one factor in our favor that may help to resolve this a bit quicker than we might at first imagine.

    The war is winding down. Consider that the factories were capable of producing enough ammo to keep our military machine operating as well as keeping the general public fairly well stocked. Corporations are in business to make money, and if production capacity is available (which it should be now), it shouldn't take long for them to fulfill / catch-up on long term contracts. As long as they can operate at max capacity without wearing out the machinery used to make the product (and there continues to be a demand in the public arena), they'll keep the factories running at full capacity to meet the demand and make every cent they can. At least that's one viewpoint that may work in our favor.

    On the other hand, once supplies begin showing up on the store shelves, the hoarders will probably hold off buying as they're already stocked up. Those who didn't plan ahead will be ones making the first runs on the available supplies. Once supply/demand starts to balance out, prices will return to a reasonable normal and the hoarders will again step into the picture. Factories will then begin to cut back on their production schedules as the sales return to some state of normalcy.

    I won't be participating in the picture on factory ammo. I'm reloading Hornady 55gr .223 for .15/round and lead 9mm for .08/round (I don't cast). They'll never get the factory ammo down to those levels again.
  19. IndyGunFreak

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  20. snowwdog

    snowwdog snowwdog

    so it turns out the government can control guns pretty quickly. Inside of one month the entire nation can be shut down on ammo. No ammo and your guns are boat anchors. Reloading matters not as they shut that down 2.

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